The Spiders and the Bees

The Spiders and the Bees

Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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38 Responses

  1. Bot The Legendary says:

    Wooowww ahora me siento mal por las arañitas ;-;

  2. Unikitty Cats says:

    I scream whenever I see a bee OR a spider, it’s just from instinct for me.

    Just Bee-cause.

  3. Hourglass Of Time says:

    I’ve been attacked by 2 spiders. 1 bit me and I had a gross rash thing on my arm for like a week, the other just jumped at me and was basically chasing me around for no reason. so, I feel justified in my spider hate.

  4. Aiden Zach says:


  5. Elda # wip and mollw Starke says:

    3:50 HOLD UP! WIBLUR?!? CHARLOTTES WEB!!! my class
    Is reading Charlotte’s Web! 😀

  6. Clayton the Two-Tailed Husky says:

    7:34 When you see the R34 side of your fandom

  7. FruitSalad 07 says:

    Bees are fine

    But murder those DAMN WASPS!!

  8. Wellamax says:

    This comment will probably never get noticed by anyone. ??
    But if u do notice then…

  9. Tarantula55 says:

    I uh.. love spiders… Look at my name.. LOOK AT IT.

    I love any kind of insect of arachnid but tarantulas are my favorite.. I pet the bees in the field at my school and have never been stung.. So bees aren’t that bad really.

  10. Heather Fowler says:

    Sorry spiders… but I hate you u scare me to death and btw James I love u!!! ❤️

  11. Dark says:

    I am a fortune teller
    I predict you will like this comment

    I’m a bad fortune teller

  12. Werido Productions says:

    I am fine with spiders it’s just how they look that disterbs me

  13. Moonlight Chloe MSP says:

    Well I live in Australia so I guess I could possibly die from a spider bite ?

    *i come from a land down under*

  14. S0LAR_Wolfie says:

    A spoder climbed on my arm while I was sleeping and woke me up, was that a appropriate time to freak out?

  15. Adrielcapon says:

    Oye siguiente esperando mi chispita >:c

  16. PheonixTheGamer says:

    Im scared of spiders and bees……..IM scared of bees cuz they seem scary to meh And Im allergic Im scared of spiders……Cuz i am deal with it.

  17. Bot The Legendary says:

    Nmms, ya no defiendo a las abejas ni las molesto alv ;_; son pvtas brujas ;;;;;-;;;;;

  18. OVERDRIVE d says:

    I hate it when wasp just wanna build nests at my doorway its annoying i hate wasps too james

  19. LootLlama. says:

    At my old school there was literally a spider nest in the garden full of spiders. My friend made me touch it (I was in 1st grade) and now any spider scares me.

  20. ṬḥeOḑḑ1sOυt Giveaway says:


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