The Spoon Chronicles

The Spoon Chronicles

It took me just under a year to get a spoon into a mug while filming it all on snapchat. One attempt a day. This is a compilation of the clips I remembered to save.

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20 Responses

  1. Richard Aspden says:

    So what’s next?

  2. zRainman- says:

    4 minutes of vertical?

    I’m gonna go slit my wrists and pour bleach into the wounds.

  3. D3RPYG4M3R says:

    heisenburg shirt

  4. SWATrunner2 says:

    Why do you have a bird nest on your head ?

  5. The Same Video Everyday says:

    Look at my channel :)

  6. James Purcell says:

    What are you going to do with the rest of your life? Surely this is the
    pinnacle and it is all downhill from here.

  7. Mathieu Leader says:

    Where’s the Tick

  8. Jez Wyke says:

    Erm, I don’t wish to detract too much, but the spoon – it’s upside down.

  9. becoruthia says:

    Congrats dude

  10. kimkross says:

    I want all your superhero shirts dude

  11. adam moscatello says:

    less time with spoons, more time with a sober barber

  12. chucktone11 says:

    bro your hair fucking sucks

  13. AoRxStealth says:

    So why is this popular?

  14. Firefly says:

    But there is no spoon.

  15. Sulfen says:

    It went into every fucking container before going into the right one.

  16. Tigger43 says:


  17. a Haraldh says:

    But, its the wrong way

  18. Mike JB says:

    Fail! The spoon landed the wrong way up. Try again. :)

  19. Maximilian Roszko says:

    Dedication to something great right there! ;)

  20. Y2Kvids says:

    oh shit oh shit , Snapchat deletes its video. I lived a year with Yeti in
    the mountains, now I don’t have anything to show.