The Spurs look ‘very bad’ after Kawhi takes the Raptors to the NBA Finals – Stephen A. | First Take

The Spurs look ‘very bad’ after Kawhi takes the Raptors to the NBA Finals – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says the San Antonio Spurs “look very bad” after trading away Kawhi Leonard to the Toronto Raptors.
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72 Responses

  1. keef davis says:

    Demilitarize the Spurs.
    Kawhi had to go to Canada to find freedom & peace.

    • Jesse Tyrell says:

      Hahahahaha. That’s jokes. Let’s Go Raps, Let’s Go Canada. Hahaha

    • Mason Albert says:

      In case you were in a coma, Pop, the greatest NBA coach perhaps ever, SPEAKS ONLY THE TRUTH:
      Glad you agree.

    • Altitude Magic says:

      +Rafael Mejia
      the great part about america is that i can say soldiers are all brainwashed faggots.

      also, you look and sound like a muslim… meanwhile you support a military that is targeting brown people.

    • Uncreative Fun says:

      Altitude Magic shut the fuck up I hope you get droned

    • Eddy Dede says:

      Classic ???

  2. DrWeeWe says:

    Spurs were too busy keeping Kawhi away from LA. ?

    • Chris Lara says:

      hello there ….you realize its his “personality” that keeps him from a big shoe contract…..not where he was……the dude has no personality

    • FJO 9 says:

      TheLakerFanNexXDoor the only way that will happen is if Kawhi wants to sign with the Lakers but they already signed another free agent.

    • AzyPebble says:

      H2B awd shoc

    • JayC says:

      It was a good move, it might not seem like it now but wait till kawhi decides where he is gonna be, spurs could of held on to him another year and lost him for nothing, derozan is uncomparable to kawhi but we got something instead of him walking for nothing, Toronto will not only have Kawhi leave for nothing but lost derozan in the process. I do hope Toronto wins in the finals because the future is looking bad for them, stars just don’t want to be in Toronto.

    • Nelson Paredes says:

      Kawai will not agree to sign and trade,and after they get beat by GST.He will be a Clipper.

  3. Rob Cin Q says:

    At what point of the playoffs is considered “deep into the playoffs “….???

    2nd round, game 6?

  4. Garry Wallah says:

    Trade was a win-win,
    Raptors – Finally win the east and go to the finals
    Spurs – Kawhi would’ve left in free agency for nothing, They got Demar, Poeltl and a 1st RD pick.

    • SGA Master of Snookers says:

      any time you get DeMar on your team, it’s a loss, unless you have a top 3 pick in a good draft.

    • Ted Thomas says:

      He wasn’t assessing the trade, big man.

    • C J says:

      makes sense, no one beating the current gsw, might as well prepare for the future with picks.

    • captainobvious90 says:

      How are the Spurs losing the trade when Kawhi wasn’t going to be on the court at all in the final year of his contract, and gonna walk in the free agency ? If Spurs traded Kawhi for JR Smith it should still be considered a good trade them

    • John Luis says:

      Brian Neary they would have nothing in return, they did win you moron. Just like Kawhi is leaving after they get waxed by the warriors.

  5. Derrick Walker says:

    “My friend! Well who ever we get back better be a bloody monster.”

  6. Mory Gbane says:

    Despite his bad performance in the Eastern Conference Finals, I still believe Danny Green is a player who doesn’t get enough credit

  7. Cordel Scott says:

    He is the truth plays hard both ways love his game and he be on the low with it respect jersey

  8. George Brother says:

    Just in…. Breaking news

    The warriors have sign zaza to a 15 day contract….

    • Kevin Brooks says:


    • Jason Lunstrum says:

      +WaUiBlunTPR no it’s time. he was a pest. had he played on another team I would have hated him lol. Same reason I hated Michael Jordan. he was good at what he did, on another team that wasn’t the spurs lol.

    • Brick Limmons says:

      +deZusCHRIST Yup people steal the original posters post just for likes.

    • TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83 says:


    • poolfans says:

      So many salty loser.

      In Football leg breaking happen every single day. Kawhi injury not even that serious! For a 1-2 months! After that he refusing to play for pop.

  9. Warrior Endures says:

    What’s going on with Stephen.A’s beard ?? he should remove it and start again

  10. Real Conspiracy Wow! says:

    Stephen A Smith be on point with those Statements ,he must pulled out the Minority Report screen to find that statement from Kawhi’s uncle???

  11. Cam S says:

    Who tf is in charge of these headline graphics. “Feeling Spurned?” Lmao ?

  12. Derek Oakley says:

    Demars in his feelings listening to sad drake songs ?

  13. Gungho 2001 says:

    Toronto Raptors should give Kawhi Leonard a super max contract. He is unbelievable player.

    • Crazy Luigi says:

      +hugo martinez Any actual sources on that and not a bunch of bullshit talk from ESPN? Like, did Adrian W. himself say that in an article?

    • Gungho 2001 says:

      +Speaking Truths ..That is what I mean. Toronto need to give him super max contract .So Kawhi can stay in Toronto. Don’t let him go somewhere else.

    • Dub2davis says:

      Speaking Truths if any of these superstars was from the Midwest then location wouldn’t be a problem….. snow ain’t shit it keeps you alive

    • Mike Chin says:

      Toronto doing more than giving max contract, they throwing half the city at him lol. He gonna get to eat free for life at their restaurants and get free condo worth millions anywhere in toronto he chooses

    • Mike Chin says:

      +Chris Rowsell actually I believe that was part of the problem with Spurs. They never offered him supermax until last second ditch effort, and they expected him to take a pay cut in his first extension just because Duncan did it

  14. Geoff Thompson says:

    How the Spurs look depends on if Kawhi re-signs with the Raptors July 1st.

    • Minimal Interest says:

      +Nathaniel Baxter youre missing the entire point, all of those players at least attempted to shoot, huge difference between magic not being a good shooter to start out and Simmons not taking jumpers period amd Simmons is stubborn, its like hes saying imma keep doin me and the fans can boo all they want because imma do me but its like dude u can’t shoot and wont shoot damn right youre gonna get booed u scared of jumpshooting. Nobody wants a guy that can’t shoot and stop being one of those everybody can be steph dudes, no ones asking dude to be steph, we’re asking a basketball player to do what great basketball players do, shoot jumpshot to open up their game. This isnt an age thing, he just won’t do it

    • Minimal Interest says:

      +Mike Chin facts

    • Nathaniel Baxter says:

      +Minimal Interest it’s actually more efficient for him to not shoot. Why take shots you know aren’t going in when you can create better shots for others. Worked for Rondo. Expand his game when he’s ready. Teams play off of him to force the shot. Why take them and do what they want.

    • Minimal Interest says:

      +Nathaniel Baxter its not more effienct at all because it makes defenders sag off of him and play up on his teammates like embid Harris and Jimmy meaning more contested shots and how do u think hes gonna improve as shooter if he never takes them in game. Practice can only take u so far. And he gives them what they want anyway by not shooting and taking dumb contested layups instead. He needs a jumper to open up his game like lebron needed one back in the day. Can’t just muscle your way to the basket every time. Giannas just showed u that in the raptors series

    • Nathaniel Baxter says:

      +Minimal Interest that’s why I said Aldridge compliments his game. He pulls post defenders away from the hoop. If he’s surrounded by shooters ala LeBron, they can’t clog the lane, and no point guard is stopping a 6’10” monster. As for the Giannis comparison, Kawhi had more than a little to do with stopping him. And there aren’t too many of those just laying around.

  15. King Clutch says:

    Max: My Last Name Is Kellerman……..

    Stephen A: Well First of All Your Wrong & Let Me Tell You Why

  16. ForJordy says:

    Kawhis 30 for 30 is gonna be juicy

  17. Kurt Wagner says:

    3:28 yo Max how do you think they Duncan in the first place ?‍♂️

  18. Austin Schulz says:

    Kawhi’s little bruise seemed to heal pretty quickly once he was traded to Toronto. ?

  19. meaningless junk says:

    Damn hope Stephen A is ok??crazy how he was just hospitalized right after this episode with severe back pains from carrying ESPN.??

  20. VicSpeaks says:

    Tony Parker is gone too though ??‍♂️y’all just fishing ? for topics

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