The Stanley’s Parable

The Stanley’s Parable

“Shut up Michael, I’m only working here for the pretzel day” – Stanley Parable.

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44 Responses

  1. Al-Hamid says:

    I’m amazed it took this long for this game to appear on this channel. It seems like it was tailor-made for Dunk’s sensibilities.

  2. Josh Bausor says:

    Dunkey and the narrator have better chemistry than the characters in most recent TV shows

  3. Fidel Urdaneta says:

    Every time Dunkey uploads feels like it’s pretzel day.

  4. Schrunkley evil version says:

    I hope dunkey comes back and gets the broom closet ending, that ones my favorite

  5. Jason Bordine says:

    Never have I felt more like a game was just putting up with Dunkey’s antics

  6. Dudeman says:

    Few games can match Dunkey’s humor beat for beat. I’ve been waiting for a video on this game forever.

  7. Superwhizz114 says:

    Kevan Brighting is one of my favourite voice actors in any game. His performance and the writing were phenomenal

  8. Romil says:

    The fact that Dunkey said he was going to wait at his desk for the rest of the video and I actually wasn’t sure if he was serious just goes to show the power Dunkey holds over us all

  9. Stonks says:

    This game is such a masterpiece.

  10. Ass Magic says:

    “Back in the day we were fighting the power and eating whatever we wanted” I love Stanley!

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