The Starbucks Holiday Cup Is More Divisive Than Ever

The Starbucks Holiday Cup Is More Divisive Than Ever

With some Twitter users threatening to boycott over the lack of Christian iconography on the new green cup, Stephen turns to a higher power for perspective.

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20 Responses

  1. freshmaker0088 says:

    I heard that its not even a holiday cup. did they even say it was a holiday

  2. Redbean panda says:

    People really getting upset over a damn cup? People, grow tf up. You’re
    going to throw it away anyways.

  3. jalyn jones says:

    I don’t understand, aren’t the people who are upset by this the same people
    who bitch about how sjws are always “triggered”. Yet they’re getting mad
    over some f***ing cups

  4. Kasumi231 says:

    Dude, God’s name isn’t Gary!
    It’s Chuck.

  5. rekrn12345 says:

    It’s not even their official holiday cup its just a green cup.

  6. Super Nova says:

    Gary? Doesn’t he mean Chuck?

  7. Stephanie luv says:

    Why don’t people like this cup? P.s in my country all these “triggered”
    people would have been told to shut up and if they didn’t we would have
    taken care of them.

  8. Jessica Walsh says:

    That Gary, always one step ahead of Ash. Ash is immortal and forever 10,
    but Gary is GOD!

  9. Michael Ramon says:

    Praise Gary!

  10. Ray Menendez says:

    Who cares about a hot milkshake anyway?

  11. The Movie Wolf says:

    This is a complete disgrace to God and you know it!

  12. Uncle Sam says:

    Why is it so hard to put a snowflake on a cup

  13. tiago mota says:

    this should be comparable with o brian or fallon?!:O

  14. Ryan W says:


  15. Dave M says:

    i go to starbucks for a coffee, not a political lecture thank you very
    much. Actually I don’t go to starbucks at all as it’s to pretentious.

  16. KELLSONIC says:

    The “War on Christmas” is right wing political correctness.

  17. Liquid Cancer says:

    Ok in not really a republican or democrat I take the good parts of both and
    agree with those but some of these guys are just retard for example this
    guy who is complaining about trump even though Hilary is far worse I mean
    this guy is the most liberal retard I know making jokes about about the
    most retarded trump supporters. It’s a cancerous flame war that just
    promotes propaganda into both parties. Honesty I thinks it’s best for
    America to just die because our country is pretty much on its last leg and
    will fall if any of the nominees win including the third party. It’s
    actually quite depressing how we managed to fall this far down.

  18. Drunk Dog says:

    You know America’s first world as fuck when we have the time to complain
    about a coffee cup.

  19. Hilary Climton says:

    Waldo is somewhere on the cup

  20. Ryan Bayley says:

    People need to grow the fuck up. It’s a cup.