The Steelers got hoodwinked by Antonio Brown after trade with Raiders – Stephen A. | First Take

The Steelers got hoodwinked by Antonio Brown after trade with Raiders – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith is furious with the Pittsburgh Steelers after they agreed to trade Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders for a third and fifth-round pick while taking on $21.1 million in dead money against their salary cap. Max Kellerman suggests that this is how the Steelers operate and they drew a line in the sand to send a message to their players that the franchise will not let this situation happen again.

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101 Responses


    Hello person scrolling through the comments i hope you have a great day and achieve your goals?

  2. Mean Machine says:

    OMG!! SAS said the P word ???

  3. Stxner Kenny says:

    Stephen A just mad the Steelers about to miss the playoffs for the 2nd straight season in a row

  4. DKid 19 says:

    You can’t say “pissed off” at espn ?

  5. _ Commentary says:

    Steelers:So you want to leave Huh?
    Steelers:Ok Enjoy your new team

    *Steelers trade AB to raiders for nothing*

  6. Nick Droege says:

    Steelers are STUPID. Let a top 3 rb and top 3WR go in the same season for a bag of chips and a half eaten sandwich.

  7. Matthew Goode says:

    Lmao wait they say “damn” all the time, but can’t say “pissed” ?? what?!? Not like he said “Pussy” or anything

    • OfficialKR says:

      i always felt like the curse words that are in the bible are the only things they can say , “damn , hell , ass” i could be missin sumn

    • Timothy Trotter says:

      Its cause the pansy ass people who get offened when you dont give them a trophy for losing.. & for r kellys bitch ass pissing on little girls..

    • ACamp * says:

      I came back into the room when he said, “I wont say the P word again”. I was O SHIT HE SAID PUSSY

    • Jacob Nowell says:

      OfficialKR. If they’re biblical then they’re not curse words. People misuse that word so many times “curse word”

  8. NLMB GBE says:

    The Raiders won the trade I would have at least got a 2nd round pick back for AB after losing bell too I’m not going out like that ???

  9. Ryan Shah says:

    are they not gonna talk about AB saying that shannon sharpe was “cooning out”?

  10. dabby dabby says:

    Can’t say *piss* because of R.Kelly bro

  11. YungChip030 says:

    Been waiting for this video since I saw the trade haha

  12. Jacob Baltierra says:

    Stephen A. wearing that silver and black though ?

  13. Noondroid says:

    L. Bell is coming next!

    • Michael1313 michael says:

      bonek350 yep straight assholes.not my type of people.i live about 1 1/2 miles from the practice facility most people I know are happy these clowns are gone.they r just bad people.ive known for years about them. Ab is a phoney and bell is a follower.horrible teammates they ain’t the type of people to build a winning team around.they will both probably be in trouble in the near future I’d bet money on it.

    • iam tex says:

      Hell Na, not a chance in hell!!!

    • Yourmomthinks ImHandsome says:

      Steelers fans acting like bell and ab was the reason ya’ll not winning ???? salty as hell!!

    • PhoenixGamer34 says:

      +Joe Terzio And if they re-sign Martavis Bryant to be their 3rd wide receiver, then they will have not 1, not 2, but 3 ex-Steelers clubhouse cancers!

    • Deshaun Robertson says:

      Michael1313 michael or do you mean not your type of niggas?

  14. Magnus says:

    There is no single video where Max doesn’t mention Leveon Bell

    • Tishon Warren says:

      Or Houston losing by single digits despite missing a bunch of threes and not having Chris Paul

    • ThatGuyThatDoesStuff says:

      SAS brought up Bell first …

    • Terrance Bryant says:

      Magnus that’s cause the raiders gonna get leveon too

    • theodore says:

      i love leveon bell. miss watching him play.

    • STEELCITY TV says:

      It’s so funny levy on Bell is a good running back I won’t hate on him but I never liked them in the system because our wide receivers we’re so fast and we had such a slow fucking running back we need someone like Willie Parker again one of those guys give him a whole and he’s going 90 yards

  15. AJ Kinlaw says:

    im “pissed” at stepahn A’s Barber!!

  16. Jayden413 ! says:

    AB hoodwinked, bamboozled and absolutely led the Steelers astray during this process

    • gdc615 says:

      Yes and good for him. Owners do it to players all the time.

    • Donnell Adams says:

      +Kenny Ab still has a lot in the tank. He’s 30 and still in his prime, he had 15 tds last season. He can beat a double team and is a workout warrior. So AB gets 30 MILLION GUARANTEED and the steelers have 21 million of dead money. Brown won this

    • Unintentional Effectiveness says:

      Shoutout Stephen A. For the wordage your using, fam. Cmon, no plagiarizing here lol

    • Erik Merrill says:

      You’ve been hoodwinked baby!!!

    • Tom Witner says:

      +Donnell Adams

      ABs most productive years are clearly behind him. The Steelers take a massive L in this situation no doubt. But the Raiders get a L for making AB (a 31 year old legitimate psycopath, blatant distraction, proud locker room cancer, and real life narcissist) the highest paid wide out in the league based on what he USED TO DO for the Steelers. The football world will be extremely surprised to say the least if AB has similar production with the Raiders. If he doesn’t then this will go down as one of the worst deals in NFL history.

  17. jaxxcapone says:

    U can’t say pissed in Disney controlled espn but you can use women in sports shows as eye candy lol

  18. VONN says:

    How SOFT has society gotten where a grown ass man can’t say he’s “PISSED.”

    • Carlos says:

      This comment is so retarded lmaooo

    • Blaise says:

      I’m honestly not sure what you expect from a national TV show owned by Disney my guy. They’ve never been able to use any real high degree of colorful language on these kinds of shows. Besides, if you want to hear “grown ass men” get that mad over a fucking sport there are plenty of channels right here on Youtube for that LMAOOO

    • Xzviur Azai says:

      Dont worry. The coming storm will purge this insanity from the Earth. Be ready, be set, be chaos.

    • turned meme says:

      Dude in the 30s comedians *without being controversial* couldnt cuss so it’s not really todays society

  19. West Side says:

    Lol Stephen A wearing Raiders colors ???

  20. As A Black Man says:

    We all know Le’veon Bell is going to the LA Lakers in free agency

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