The Story of Herobrine..

The Story of Herobrine..

This is basically “The story of Minecraft’s first Raid” prequel but this is “The Story of Herobrine..” this will be important lead up to the raid finale!! If we hit 50,000 likes I drop part 2 of this video ASAP!!

Big thanks to @Hannahxxrose for voicing Alex! She was so nice to work with!
As well as @Evbo for voicing a villager I think you’ll be seeing me and Evbo in a lot of each others content going forward!

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48 Responses

  1. SeaWattgaming says:

    If we hit 50,000 likes part two will come out ASAP!! Thanks for all the love on the story videos!! If you have any feedback on my videos my DM’s are open on twitter!!

  2. UwU says:

    the Herobrine arg is honestly historic

  3. washereisak2010 says:

    Steve: makes bread
    One min later

  4. ItsArkan says:

    Fans: Don’t extend the story more!

    Seawatt: *Makes a prologue*

  5. Evbo says:

    I apologize for my comments about you all, after further analysis you all are quite attractive villagers

  6. ShortHax says:

    I miss the times when the Minecraft community was just a bunch of people looking for Herobrine and making movies about it

  7. MakkyPakky says:

    “This is a new battle exercise. I’m still working out the details but I call it BEDWARS!”
    And so hypixel began

  8. Peter Wesley M. Masinsin says:

    Herobrine back then: Feared Guy, you were scared to see him in your world.

    Herobrine now: Nostalgia, an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.

  9. Magic says:

    Can we just appreciate how much effort Watt puts into his videos

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