The Story of Minecraft’s Villager Uprising

The Story of Minecraft’s Villager Uprising

This story of Minecraft Villagers Uprising aka me taking down @Grox Really grateful for grox’s help on this one!
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47 Responses

  1. SeaWattgaming says:

    IF this hits 50k likes I’ll do a part 3!!

  2. Tea says:

    I like how the guy who was slaving grox, taking emeralds and threatened villagers became a good guy in a short amount of time.

  3. Sohail Aji says:

    One problem: originally, Grox took 27 stacks of emeralds, or 1 chest’s worth of emeralds. However, at the end of the video, Grox only gave back 1 stack of emerald blocks. This is 9 stacks of emeralds. Grox cheated the villager out of 2 stacks of diamond blocks, or 18 stacks of emeralds.

  4. Agent Door Frame says:

    Did some math and looks like those aren’t all the emeralds. You may remember that the villager had a full chest of emeralds but Grox only gave back one stack. There’s two whole stacks worth of emerald blocks missing.

  5. Fighter_75 says:

    I love how the villager doesn’t care about how grox is enslaving villagers, he just wants his money back

  6. Hodayfa Gamer says:

    what i like about this series is all of the videos are connected!!!

  7. Samuraident says:

    How the series is connected and so well put together!

  8. farsine animations Dc2 says:

    Damn this is like a cinematic universe, is grox’s “tax season for villagers” series cannon here too?

  9. Commentator(only) says:

    Grox’s favorite show…? This series is hilarious, please do more.

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