The Strokes – “Threat of Joy” (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

The Strokes – “Threat of Joy” (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Official music video for “Threat of Joy” by The Strokes
as featured on ‘Future Present Past EP’ (6/3/16)

Director: Warren Fu
Director of Photography: Byron Werner
Executive Producer: Haley Moffett
Producers: Jona Ward & Peter Williams
Production Designer: Maxwell Orgell


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20 Responses

  1. Heidi Barragan says:

    The strokes own my entire soul

  2. heroinhero69 says:

    only thing i would’ve done different is give albert his white
    strat….acoustic is bad!

  3. Maria Mosso says:

    My neighbors like this song so much they threw a brick at my car window to
    hear it betterXD I FUCKIN LOVE THE STROKES<3

  4. clayton0693 says:

    Interesting to see Nick using a Silvertone 1484 amp.

  5. Steph Miranda says:

    Me encanta la sonrisa de Albert ??❤

  6. SrrCacahuate says:

    Me cuesta decirlo, pero…

    Después de 3 pésimos discos, este sencillo si me gusto.

  7. kevin rosero says:

    Lana Del Rey

  8. Lucas Menezes says:

    come to brazil

  9. Andrew Medina says:

    Predators eat meat.

  10. Sebastian Herrera says:

    There’s a oblivius video somewhere out there

  11. sereregio says:

    Its sounds like the Strokes, like the crappy Strokes of the last 2 albums.

  12. Alexander Brito says:

    Someone need to save Casablancas from himself

  13. cami amarilla says:

    woooooo que chinguen sus madres!!

  14. Robert Guzman says:

    Glad to see they recognized that people liked this song the most…now
    maybe their new album will be with music that sounds just like this

  15. jesús armando ortiz says:

    Ya extrañaba a The Strokes. :’3
    (Comentario salvaje en español aparece) :v

  16. Vintage Soul Music says:

    Dee Soul – ’93

  17. Someone with A shirt says:


  18. floydes says:

    hipster matt murdock on drums

  19. Amy Ostara says:

    Bien Pinches Hermoso <3

  20. Rajat R says:

    I don’t care how fat and old they get, I love the Strokes.