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24 Responses

  1. Brenda Davila says:

    Alondras smile and laugh is contagious lol 😆

  2. Grace McMullen says:

    My daughter loves fans, she will sit there and laugh any time she sees them! haha I guess its a baby thing <3

  3. Valerie Barcelon says:

    Baby boy is starting to look more like you Alo! He was Bennys twin and he still looks like him but I’m definitely seeing more of you the older he gets. He is so adorable!!

  4. Jaycee C says:

    I can’t take Benny serious with that hair. He needs to call Christian ASAP 😂

  5. Leslie Gutierrez says:

    Benny: “All these cosmetics but you can never makeup your mind.” LMAOOO 😂

  6. Sugey Meza says:

    You’re so calm, you seem like just in a good space. Your baby is so cute, he has the cutest little face. Congratulations on your new home with your family! Can’t wait to see your dream home and what it’s in the future for three of you

  7. Raquel Calderon says:

    Alo, hire someone to organize your beauty room. My girl does homes and she did mine and it was magical. Having everything being in order definitely reduces stress and it’s aesthetically pleasing.. It’s the best investment you can make. From your pantry to your closets to your drawers it’s amazing and it makes you feel so accomplished. And lord knows you have a lot on your plate and it’ll take a long while for you to handle it all on your own and way to overwhelming. so def treat yourself.

  8. Lillie Nichole says:

    She didn’t get anything done Alo pulled a “I’ll do it tomorrow “ lmao

  9. Kimberly H. says:

    The fact that Alo and Benny both have always wanted babies and now that they have theirs they look so happy . Like it makes me happy 🥺🥺🤍. You guys where made to be parents you guys radiate with so much love for baby Benny <3

  10. Chelsea Lamar says:

    Tie a balloon to his foot and lay him down and let him kick around I bet he’d be so intrigued by it lol

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