The Struggles of Watching ASMR

The Struggles of Watching ASMR

Hello Darlings 🙂 Today’s video is something a little different. Something that can be relatable to all those who love ASMR, including myself. Let me know what you guys think. Enjoy 🙂
The audio featured in this video is from PJ Dreams ASMR! Check him out :
Also, the back scratching video was a favorite of mine from Izzy D :

Taylor Darling Channel :

snapchat: asmrdarling

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20 Responses

  1. Princess Kat says:

    Trending in the US

  2. Mark Byrne says:

    LOL!! You ARE the Queen! Brilliant (applause applause applause!!!!)

  3. andrea leming says:

    That’s so me

  4. SimplySophi says:


  5. FanOfTheDoraemons says:

    Lowkey, I contemplated on paying for YT red just so I can lock my phone and still listen to the audio for ASMR vids. It was pretty practical when I had the free trial. The phone is too bright even when the vid is literally just a black screen.

  6. VS says:

    #10 on TRENDING! And OML you remind me of Rapunzel for some reason.

  7. Chloé Le Kervelec says:

    This is so true help

  8. d e a d m a n 4 4 says:

    m o t h e r *_f r i c c e r_*

  9. SuperEmojiGurl says:

    i love these types of videos!! They make me laugh and smile!!!! Thankyou so much Taylor asmr!!!

  10. Clara Chen says:

    The struggle of iPhone 7 is if you plug in your headphone you can’t charge your phone??‍♀️ you have to choose between asmr or battery

  11. Gummy cats AJPW says:

    That life threatening moment when one of your headphones go out

  12. Lang Kuai says:

    Is it just me or someone else that I really get very anxious when I feel the wire of the headphone touches my neck and couldn’t get sleep.

  13. Maya Amaj says:

    am I the only one who is watching ASMR without headphones?

  14. 서현 says:

    I have that white dry shampoo too ??

  15. Jack Dobson says:

    nice its on the trending page

  16. N8TE BIT says:

    YouTube logic this video is number 10 on trending only makes three hundred thousand views in one day idubbbz content cop and diss track both make over 11 million views in one day not even on the trending tab

  17. Tazzi R says:

    This is so accurate I feel attacked

  18. savana says:

    the earbud one is to real

  19. CustomizeNation U.K. says:

    Taylor Crushing on PJ that’s Cute ?

  20. Carmeline Dindamba says:

    Not even gonna lie I didn’t know she knew how to talk louder than a whisper

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