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20 Responses

  1. Paula Donaldson says:

    good job Yousef!!! I understand the concept.

  2. abdalla abdelkhaliq says:

    I think it would be much better if u took the stuff to the kids of

  3. Chris Bowden says:

    I would have been pissed if another class got free shit and I didn’t get
    nothin lol

  4. TheRealGolden Pepe says:

    Hey Fousey why did you write “Gullible” in the description? Did anyone else

  5. EllieCVideos says:

    I understand what he did and all and blah blah blah. But why give them
    supplies they already had..? Like. They probably didn’t even need it. You
    could of given it to an actual school with no supplies

  6. kurwaBiceps says:

    fucking love u m8 ;_;

  7. Brock lesnar The beast says:

    sorry channel

  8. Cody Banks says:

    Worst teacher ever

  9. TheTeamTES// The Enchanted Sword says:

    the one in the front LOLLLLL IM JOKING WHY WOULD A CHILD HAVE 100 SUBS

  10. K Kitten says:

    This is so cool! You are amazing ❤️

  11. Kosar Abobakri says:

    So exatcly how did you help these schools, Yosef?

  12. Zack Rai says:

    Did the surfaces go to the kids or the school because the next years class
    can use it ?

  13. J-P Ouellette says:

    The kids actually didn’t seem to mind it that much haha.

  14. Tourette's United says:

    I am going to cry. Great job.

  15. Haroon Hanif says:

    Brilliant video. I hope all the people watching understood the message. It
    is very true that there are countries who do not have enough resources and
    its sad to see other well off countries are doing nothing to help them. We
    are humans we are meant to help each other and thats how we grow. Im sorry
    but this video made me cry as to the reality that it is depicting. Imagine
    those poor children who have to live by this, may Allah bestow their grace
    upon them ameen

  16. Gabriel Johnson says:


  17. zack romney says:

    did u pay those kids $30???

  18. Cosmicbuggy says:

    Worst thing I have ever watched…

  19. Lousy says:

    If I was that Principle I’ll be like give us IMacs they’re better.

  20. Kassidy Love says:

    Fousey would be the best teacher ever.