The Sugar Conspiracy

The Sugar Conspiracy

Is the government hiding how bad sugar really is for us? Alltime Conspiracies investigates.

Does Diet Coke Give You Cancer?:

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20 Responses

  1. sarah christine says:

    They should be focusing on animal products,they’re one of the main causes
    of cancer,obesity,heart disease,high blood pressure etc

  2. OneWaySkillz says:

    This is why i dont eat processed foods.

  3. PizzaFreak2000 says:

    lets stop this madness

  4. Liquid Illusion says:

    im hungry now

  5. FistBumpGuy says:



    If fat was the problem, then Germany would be the most obese. However, it
    is one of the least obese. Or at least it used to be. Look at Iceland. They
    consume the most coke/soft drinks in general and therefore they’re the most
    obese. All these food conspiracies are directly linked to Zionist agenda of
    population control. If these neanderthals get any further, we wouldn’t even
    have the ability for independent thought. God’s wrath has always been
    because of the Jews and their abominable works. I don’t care if you’re
    spiritual or not but that’s the truth. God selects the least able and
    watches over them and in this case, it was the neanderthal Jews and they’re
    keeping us slaves to their “Federal Reserve” system. There will be a
    currency collapse in the near future if this gets any further. We’re being
    called to step in and make our voice heard. Anyway, remember to eat like a
    Cro Magnon/African. Those who give up eating fatty food for the sake of
    sweet tooth deserve neither. #sugarjew

  7. The EX-AhmadiyyaMuslim says:

    is sugar even essentially for living?? what about blood sugar levels??

  8. John says:

    Sweet deal, Ha ha! you had to slip that one in at the end didn’t you, Round
    of applauses!!!

  9. violinsheets says:

    Find out what HFCS is before bashing on it. stupid video

  10. Layzie Penguin says:

    watching this while eating sugar by itself

  11. yash matharu says:

    Pure white and deadly, we talkin about trump here?

  12. Do you really care what my name is? says:

    How is this channel not taken down?

  13. ZAR says:

    this is only if you’re inactive….

  14. Paola Michelle says:

    I got an ad of an artifical sweetener. COINCEDENCE? I think NOT.

  15. Bye Poseidon says:

    conspiracy theory: this guy isn’t American so why does he say is when
    referring to americans?

  16. Guat says:

    Do Scalia next!

  17. Peace Walker says:

    Get money out of politics!

  18. Never Fail says:

    But… McDonalds told us that sugar was healthy, Coca Cola told us that
    they brought down obesity, the milk industry said milk brings calcium to
    your bones, the government said the air at the World Trade Center was fine
    after 9/11, and my friend told my I’d survive if I jumped off of a bridge.
    Looks like they all lied.

  19. Bmo says:

    Well you gotta remember, our brain literally needs sugar to survive, just
    don’t over consume, like many things in life. You don’t need to eat the
    whole cake to fuel your brain.

  20. Joseph Calandria says:

    the documentary “FED Up” explains the conspiracy fact much better