The Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct

Watch this Nintendo Direct: The Super Mario Bros. Movie presentation introducing the world premiere trailer for the upcoming film (no game information will be featured).

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33 Responses

  1. Nathaniel Bandy says:

    Seems like this movie is going to be fun, I’m excited to see this!

  2. SuperWiiBros08 says:

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life, it’s so surreal to finally see this, I’ve always dreamed of a really good CGI Mario Movie since I was a kid

  3. GioPlaysStuff says:

    The animators, everyone involved in this movie, they’ve put their hearts and souls into this movie and they are in the deserved zone of much much respect. Thinking that this movie has been in the plans for 7 years, since 2015 is pretty mind blowing. The animation designs, the penguins, bowser, they really went all out and hopefully this movie does well and releases 🍄⭐️

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  4. Ruined Jason says:

    This looks LEGENDARY. The animation looks both realistic and cartoonish at the same time. It’s never been done this perfectly before!

  5. Johnny Gurrola says:

    Props to all the animators working on this. It must be a literal achievement for you to have this on your resume. You guys NEED a raise because this is just astonishing.

  6. Riseo says:

    DUDE, I cannot WAIT to see this. The designs look incredible, and the animation is stunning. I feel like this is going to be a really good movie, insane!!
    Honestly I really like the voices for bowser and Mario too, I think it’s funny and fits somehow

  7. Slump Imhard says:

    I’m glad the animators went this hard, and that they worked so close. I hope it meets expectations

  8. SilvaZilla 88XO says:

    Visually it looks amazing, I never would’ve guessed illumination would put this much effort into this project but I’m glad they proved me wrong. Jack sounds fantastic as Bowser and even Key surprised me with his Toad voice. Plenty more to see in the future but for a first glimpse I’m invested👍

  9. Alex C says:

    This looks absolutely gorgeous. I honestly think Jack’s voice as Bowser is amazing and intimidating, you can tell he’s having a blast. Chris Pratt’s voice as Mario really sounds like Chris Pratt, but maybe as the movie goes on and Mario is the hero we love we can get used to it. The animators really deserve a bonus. Miyamoto behind the Movie will make it even better.

  10. Andrew Cruz says:

    I got chills, and then teared up a little when the animation started. We’ve been waiting for this art since we could mash A and B on that square game pad.

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