The Surprising Ways Death Shapes Our Lives

The Surprising Ways Death Shapes Our Lives

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As Monty Python prophesied, “So…always look on the bright side of death / Just before you draw your terminal breath”

BrainCraft is written and hosted by Vanessa Hill for PBS Digital Studios. Talking psychology, neuroscience & why we act the way we do.
Sound design: Joel Werner (
Production Assistant: Ella Colley
Thanks to Jason Goldman, Anna and Joe for their help filming this episode.

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20 Responses

  1. Mike Kang says:

    TestTubeNews soundtrack?

  2. The boy who Fall Out says:

    @VanessaHill (2015) “Subscribe for a video every week… Anyway I always
    That’s sad :(((

  3. Evan Roden says:

    +braincraft, what song is played at: 3:00?

  4. reptilian overlord says:


  5. Grant Hauck says:

    I care to digress. Nothing is certain, for even science, the pursuit of
    objective knowledge, is a matter of lessening uncertainty.

  6. whitehawk38 says:

    I’m gonna live forever

  7. Andrew Brown says:

    I’m not afraid of being dead, I’m afraid of not getting to live anymore.

  8. Jared Jeanotte says:

    Joe is obnoxious I can’t watch his videos he feels the need to use straw
    man arguments.

  9. MikeLadies says:

    I’m just waiting on cybernetics becoming a thing.

  10. universaltruth90 says:

    I will avoid death. I’ll transfer my mind and emotion into a supercomputer
    or turn into a super cyborg or use the black arts, meet beings from another
    dimension and wish for everlasting life. I’m IMMORTALLLLLLL!!!

  11. RamoneCelso says:

    Vanessa Hill lista y guapita. Translation: tacos, enchilada, guacamole.

  12. Joseph Favela says:

    About that ‘youth becoming more reckless’ thing, I have to say that I’ve
    always loathed the phrase, “No regrets.” It’s completely moronic – only
    psychopaths have no regrets. To regret is be wise – we remind ourselves
    that there was something we could have done better and it reminds us to
    preform better in the future. But I have to say that if ACDC is playing on
    the radio, I’ll drive recklessly. Haha.

  13. FirstRisingSouI says:

    To me, knowing I’m going to die is strangely relaxing. I mean sure, better
    tomorrow than today, but I’m okay with it.

  14. Duane Vasquez says:

    I waited my whole life for this video. Now I can pass from this life, to
    the next ?

  15. SephCat74 says:

    “that’s my line!” he whispers.

    hahah xD

  16. Zain Majeed says:

    Such an interesting video! And I just have to say that you have possibly
    the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard, only contested with Markiplier.
    I love your videos and I am currently heading over to gross science to see
    Anna’s collaboration!
    Keep at it Vanessa!

  17. Jackson Jones says:

    This youtube channel deservers way more subscribers, whose with me?

  18. Daniel Jones says:

    0:06 I would caption it as: Man: “What are you thinking of, dog?” Dog: “I
    have seen that which no waking mortal eye must see.”

  19. erin ireland says:

    “That’s my line!”

  20. AcelSam says: