The Suspicious Case of the Reykjavik Confessions

The Suspicious Case of the Reykjavik Confessions

Two murders. Six confessions. But is any of it real?


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Gustavo Rosa

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79 Responses

  1. BuzzFeed Unsolved Network says:

    Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode down below!

    • agsatk Stolberg says:

      Why would she call it a NIGHTMARE and then The police are like “are you sure it wasn’t a nightmare.” But if she woke up from the dream than wouldn’t that make sense that she was asleep?

    • Mack Megginson says:

      What happened to the child?

    • ThatsChrispy says:

      If Iceland has so many people who disappear, isn’t it possible one or both of them just left the country? Saevar and Erla just dipped over to Denmark, what’s to say that one of the victims didn’t do the same?

    • Jules says:

      Pls do olof palme

  2. Carolina Dias says:

    Them: There’s no crime in Iceland.
    Me: Okay
    Them: But there’s DOZENS of disappearances every year and we can never find the bodies.
    Me: …
    Them: …
    Me: *WHAT!?*

    • Emelía Ósk Tómasdóttir says:

      there are a lot of mountains and glaciers people like to hike… and sometimes they never return. maybe they fell into a crack and were never found? maybe they fell into a lake? it is impossible to tell, there is even a special channel on the tv which lists all the missing people… the list is loooong

    • wickedest-witch says:

      That just isn’t true.There definitely is nowhere near a dozen unsolved cases of disappearance every year. Those numbers are either hyperbole or come from a bad source.
      According to the Icelandic police in the beginning of 2016, there had been 42 cases of unsolved disappearance in Iceland since 1970 – that’s just under one case per year, and really only 4 of those were cases where there was a suspicion of criminal involvement – in the rest, it is considered far more likely that the person in question intentionally left home and committed suicide, that they got lost while hiking, or got drunk and lost and died of exposure, though they can’t be sure because the bodies weren’t found.

    • Carolina Dias says:

      +wickedest-witch Dude. Learn to know a joke ??

    • Rafał Sobczyk says:

      +Carolina Dias Learn to tell a joke

  3. Arun Charles says:

    How Ryan managed to pronounce all those names will remain Unsolved 12:06

    • 4 O’clock says:

      He didn’t really… But he did an okay job.

    • Mireille Spicer says:

      well he said that he actually talked to an icelandic person about how to pronounce everything and actually practiced a lot beforehand im proud of him

    • Anna Karen says:

      I’m Icelandic. He most definitely didn’t but bless him he tried.

    • Numayam says:

      +Mireille Spicer That’s really embarrassing if he practiced that because it’s terrible. I was cringing throughout.

    • iMelon says:

      +Numayam Well its not like he can pronounce everything right. He doesn’t speak it. Also, its not like he practiced for years or something. You can’t expect someone to master a language in a few hours. He tried and I really respect that.

  4. Can't be bothered Thinking of a name says:

    3 episodes of unsolved in a week… The gods have listened to my prayers!!?

  5. Foxy Jambread says:

    #postmortem: I mean honestly, good or bad results (idk, I’m not Icelandic), Ryan deserves props for throwing himself at those Icelandic names so confidently. The best way to learn languages (in my experience, anyway) is to just kind of…full-body flying tackle them. Good for you for trying, dude. #shaniacs #wemustprotectboogaras #usuallyfromthemselvesifimbeinghonest

  6. Shashank Sundar says:

    Shane, try narrating the story just once in place of Ryan. I wanna see how it feels

  7. Daisy Rose says:

    As a native Icelander… this video was amazing but the pronunciation hurt me ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Madison Gilbert says:

    #postmortem Do we know what happened to the child? With parents in and out of solitary confinement I would assume they would be taken in by grandparents or something. It might be interesting to interview them, they did grow up in a small community with parents accused of murder.

    • Mæló says:

      Madison Gilbert I may be able to answer that! Erla wasn’t in solitary confinement for all of the days and she did get to be with her child. She got 3 years in prison if I remember correctly and her child stayed with family after that. Erla herself has said that had it not been for her child she wouldn’t have made it through all that.

    • Madison Gilbert says:

      +Mæló interesting. I would imagine having both parents accused of murder would mess with your mind, since it was literally from birth that their parents were in and out of confinement.

    • Esther173 S. says:

      i was thinking about the child the whole time

    • Madison Gilbert says:

      +Esther173 S. exactly! Honestly the child is the main victim here, if the police didn’t force confessions that child might have grown up relatively normal.

    • Funky Gerald says:

      I don’t know much of Erla but Saevar had a bunch of children and they had it the worst considering the fact that Siselski is an extremely rare surname in Iceland (in fact, i think his family are the only ones with it) so they have always been recognized as his children. See, society hated Saevar. Everyone knew him as Icelands Worst Criminal, someone EVIL. Even after he got out of jail, people were outraged because he dared being vocal about the mistreatment he suffered. Some of his kids had to be home schooled, and even legally changed their names.
      I actually know the family and it’s horrible to see how this case has affected them. The things they’ve had to deal with. Still, they’ve fought for their father’s retribution ever since his death, and even now when people know he was innocent, they still fight for justice for everything this case has done to the people close to it.

  9. MoonlightStitch says:

    Sooo Gudmundur’s friends see him at 2am on the road clearly drunk trying to hitch a ride but doesn’t try to pick him up or I don’t know, HELP him in any way? That’s cold man.

  10. Glamour.Beast says:

    So now Ryan and Shane HAVE to go to Iceland together for Unsolved Supernatural to learn more of the folklore of all the missing people??

  11. swaghetti banterelli says:

    #postmortem The police seem so eager to get a confession, it could be indicative of police being involved in the possible murders.

  12. Elena Byrne Garcia says:

    How about Erla’s child? Was someone taking him/her? Poor child

  13. Drawmyfate 5sos says:

    Coming from someone who lives in Hafnarfjörður, I laughed so hard when Ryan tried to pronounce it, but like, A+ for effort tho.

  14. aLonelyDragon n says:

    I nearly choked on my rice krispies when shane said “I like the cut of his jib” lollolol love his phrases

  15. John Meowkovitch says:

    Im an Icelander and I can confirm it is a bit of a wicker man situation we all come together and vote who to kill

  16. Klebestreifchen says:

    Were the suspects asked how and where they got rid of the bodies? Did their answers to that match up?

  17. kate jacquay says:

    a list of the most used words in this video:
    5: police
    4: the
    3: einarsson
    2: solitary confinement
    1: *ICELAND*

  18. Obi-Rick Kenobi says:

    Coming soon:
    The Purge: ICELAND
    “Once a year, we do a MURDER!”

  19. Josie Joyner says:

    suspect: h—
    icelandic police: solidarity confinement

  20. Bethany McIlwain says:

    This just seems like a case of mental manipulation. The police were really pushing the murder on each suspect so that their mind warps them into believing they did it. False memory indeed.

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