The Sydney Opera House Illusion

The Sydney Opera House Illusion

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Hosted by
Michael Stevens

Edited by
Hannah Canetti and Michael Stevens

VFX by
Eric Langlay

Music by Jake Chudnow



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73 Responses

  1. Nova Fawks says:

    I couldn’t watch this I was so angered by the terrible puns

  2. SHRIMPLOIN says:

    How come these aren’t on Vsauce

    • Peter Rabitt says:

      Michael explains why this is so, in a previous DONG video. He’s doing what’s best for the institution that is Vsauce.

  3. Hayden the douchebag says:

    you lost me from banana to yard stick

    mug cylinder for watching?

    • Kieran | TMS says:

      Someone else in the comment said that this could be the answer (something along the lines of):
      mug + cylinder are both vessels for holding fluid, i.e. tank, like a water tank
      mug cylinder for watching = tanks for watching = thanks for watching

      Although I haven’t a clue why he emphasised the ‘lin’ in cylinder…

    • Acke Brocke says:

      But the cylinder was solid

    • Penta says:

      Mug Cylinder. Mugcy(linder) is whst he said. Saying mugcy sounds like merci, and merci means thanks in french. Thanks for watching

  4. Janis Sepulveda says:

    Because of the puns at the beginning, I was like “dang it, Michael, don’t make me click off of this video”

  5. Flare0080 says:

    Hey Vsauce, Michael here and I’m having a stroke.

  6. Estain13 says:

    I’m Still waiting for “What if the child consents tho”

  7. Weihuang Ren says:

    Normal people: “Woah what a beautiful view of the Sydney Opera house!”

    Michael: “Woah what a beautiful demonstration of the effects of angular size perception!”

  8. Shashidhar H says:

    Is vsause 1 dead??

  9. Sam Giles says:

    Michael, the Sydney opera house is not your toy

  10. Demesne Brooks says:

    I think we need a video just to explain the puns.

  11. Paul J. Morton says:

    I feel like DONG now is what Vsauce was two-three years ago.

  12. XPRAIDER says:

    What infuriates me is that he said “A plier your curiosity” when he could have said “A plier curiosity” because “er” and “your” sound similar.

  13. Egg Benedict says:

    3:22 The two circles look exactly the same size to me.

  14. Ryan Stephen says:

    My gf has small hands

    If you know what im saying 😃

  15. Pierre The Hypebeast says:

    You should’ve held an eye when you said “I”

  16. R Ish says:

    Taj Mahal has the same effect from the entry

    • NafiuGamer says:

      R Ish it works on any big structure just look at a big building from your window and go back and forth.

    • R Ish says:

      NafiuGamer im talking about landmarks with specific viewing point made at the same time as the main structure, by the same people.

      I’m talking about if we were capable,
      im saying they had the knowledge of this illusion back in those days

    • Calvin K says:

      “i’m talking, I’m saying” i guess you talk too much so you don’t know what you say anymore…

  17. Marley says:

    I know this is DONG, but could you please do the Vsauce intro?

    I can’t really fap to your videos if you don’t do the intro 🙁

  18. UltimateKyuubiFox says:

    “Plug cylinder for watching.” ~Michael ‘Here’ VSauce

    • PirateOfPlayTime says:


    • mazingdaddid says:

      …..the moment you realize that the mug and cylinder are both…. tanks….

    • Michał Szczuryk vel Szczerba says:

      Haha long boy

    • Olga Yakunina says:

      🔴🔴🔴 *НОТ TОKENS* ► [ ] ◄ *НOT ТОКENS* 🔴🔴🔴
      🔴🔴🔴 *HОТ ТOKЕNS* ► [ ] ◄ *HƠТ ТОКENS* 🔴🔴🔴
      🔴🔴🔴 *НОТ ТOКENS* ► [ ] ◄ *НƠТ ТОКENS* 🔴🔴🔴

      *Тaklimȧkȧn Nėtwоrk* is а Blȯсkс̣hаin-bаsėd invėstmėnt ȧnd ėduсаtiȯnаl businеss ᵽlatfоrm fȯr сrур̣tȯсurrėnсу invеstȯrs, trаdеrs аnd anаlуsts. Рlȧtfоrm ȯffеrs trаding signals, strȧtėgiеs аnd reсоmmendаtiоns frоm ᵽrоfеssiоnаls sеnt ėхсlusivеlу tо p̣latfȯrm usėrs. Visit wėbsitė fоr mоrе infȯrmȧtiȯn – ► [ ] ◄

  19. Onlime says:

    The intro lost me after elephant

  20. Brainy Tech says:

    am i the only one scrolling through the comments trying to find an answer to what he said in the intro?

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