THE TAKEOVER IS BACK | All the Angles of Teofimo Lopez Dynamic Knockout of Pedro | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

THE TAKEOVER IS BACK | All the Angles of Teofimo Lopez Dynamic Knockout of Pedro | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Watch #highlights from the main event of #LopezCampa featuring #TeofimoLopez and Pedro Campa. In the fight, the takeover returned with Lopez dominated Campa and finishing him in Round 7.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, A fighting cowboy, a hometown hero, and the grandson of “The Greatest” are set for a summer night to remember in San Diego.

Mexican star Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete will defend his WBO featherweight world title in the main event against countryman Eduardo “El Gemelo” Baez on Saturday, Aug. 20 at Pechanga Arena San Diego. Navarrete also signed a new multi-year promotional agreement with Top Rank that will see him fight on the ESPN family of networks in events promoted in association with Zanfer Promotions.

The 10-round welterweight co-feature will see San Diego native Giovani “Gallo de Oro” Santillan risk his unbeaten record against a soon-to-be-announced opponent.

In a four-round special feature, undefeated middleweight prospect Nico Ali Walsh, grandson of Muhammad Ali, will fight Reyes Sanchez in a rematch of their December 2021 bout that Ali Walsh edged by majority decision. Ali Walsh will fight in the historic venue that hosted one of his grandfather’s most memorable bouts. In March 1973, Ali and Ken Norton battled for 12 rounds at what was then known as San Diego Sports Arena. Ali suffered a broken jaw and lost a split decision in a major upset.

Navarrete-Baez, Santillan’s welterweight battle, and Ali Walsh-Sanchez 2 will be broadcast live on ESPN, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN+ at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT.

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41 Responses

  1. Brayan Barrios says:

    Ngl seeing Teo hold back tears as he was celebrating his victory made me tear up a bit too. Even though I don’t agree with his view on his loss and not fully accepting it. You can tell he’s been through hell this past year and I hope that’s past him and he’s truly in a better state of mind. I have so much hope for this guy, I wish him the best.

    • Jose Lopez says:

      @Tony Tucker stop it kambosos isn’t that good everyone knew devin was gonna take that fight and in my view Haney and teo still got a lot to prove they’re both just starting they’re career I’m not hating or picking favorites it’s just facts in boxing

    • Tony Tucker says:

      @Jose Lopez Teo lost to a boxer that Haney smoked with a jab 😂😂 This fight was against a nobody. Teo’s career trajectory is looking drastically different. It’s cool he is your favorite boxer. I understand

    • Jose Lopez says:

      @Tony Tucker it don’t matter bro teo got a whole career ahead of him we know kambosos gets smoked on the rematch

    • Tony Tucker says:

      @Jose Lopez That night is all that matters. It reshaped the landscape of his career. He lost everything he worked for

    • Jose Lopez says:

      @Tony Tucker you said it “that night”

  2. fraggdu51 says:

    The fight was soo badass his footwork timing speed skills. Just phenomenal. Dont lie to yourself. This man can box!

    • skyler Stevens says:

      I was not impressed. He fought a nobody. Maybe just some rust, I think he needs atleast 1 to 2 more tune up fights before challenging the better people. I saw him get hit alot although there were moments of beautiful footwork and head movement. There were moments were he was getting tagged. Some one like haney Davis beat him handedly.

    • Esteban Morales says:

      @DMNDREG it’s not a boring style if the guy whos doin it has power like Teo

    • Luis angel Ramirez says:

      Campa is just a Uber driver

    • Dave Medrano says:

      Can’t be fighting bums tho.

    • Jeremiah45 says:

      @DMNDREG just another average watcher if you understand boxing you’ll know footwork is beautiful lmao I wouldn’t wanna stand there and get hit either all y’all wanna see is some sluggers/toe to toe fight but that’s not boxing

  3. josue guerrero says:

    Teo’s head and feet movement tonight were world class. He’s a great boxer and still growing into manhood. Hopefully he brings down his arrogance and things will line up for him again.

  4. Armando Colon says:

    Teo looked great. Didn’t lose a round and did what he wanted. Showed a good jab, terrific counters, defense was on point barley got touched. Good comeback fight for him. Thought the stoppage was a bit early but he was going to stop him anyway. But still give him the chance to properly stop him u feel me.

  5. FITCV says:

    I’m glad that Teofimo Lopez is back because not only he is still the same old self again, but back as a champion and got the fighting spirit again as well

  6. Freedoms March says:

    Teo looking sharp and on point! That leaping jab though.

    • Bxng World says:

      He did look sharp bro. Also, if you enjoy boxing videos, then you need to check out the content on my channel, honestly you will enjoy it.

  7. Gustavo Ortega says:

    Teo looked slick and strong in this fight. He didn’t exactly fight the best competition but he needed this win for his confidence that’s ok. Great job 👏!

  8. APACHE says:

    Very good fight by Teofimo. Great foot and head movement. Timing and speed were also on point. Not to mention, Campa took those shots well, until he couldn’t… I’m glad for Teo.

  9. Myhouseisdirty says:

    All work 💪🏽

    • Bxng World says:

      All work is easy work for Lopez. Also, if you enjoy watching boxing videos, then you need to check out the content on my channel, honestly you will enjoy it.

  10. Anthony Harty says:

    Great boxing from Lopez, he’s proved he has the boxing skills, I am impressed.

    • Elvis Chavez says:

      What did he prove haha the only thing that was proved is that campas wasnt a very good actor haha please bro cut the bull shit this was a weak ass acting fight ha I cant wait till all these 140 135 pounders wanna get dropped by ryan garcia bro davis haney or lopez wouldnt get past 5 rounds they will get dropped ha facts

    • Luis angel Ramirez says:


    • Bxng World says:

      Lopez is a whole another level. Also, if you enjoy boxing videos, then you need to check out the content on my channel, honestly you will enjoy it.

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