The Teehee Song! (Dear Ryan)

The Teehee Song! (Dear Ryan)

SPECIAL EDITION of DEAR RYAN where I actually do all of the most upvoted dear ryan comments!

Try some Ninja Melk!

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28 Responses

  1. Kamallistic Kids says:

    Dear Ryan, Can you Make a Movie Trailer about Youtube Chanel’s being deleted

  2. JDawg Alvarez says:

    Dear Ryan can you call a friend and tell them it’s urgent but when they get there say that you can’t open a pickle jar

  3. Liam Handloff says:

    Dear Ryan
    Make a movie trailer called
    “The Raider of Area 51”
    We want answers

  4. eileen says:

    dear Ryan pls make a sad emotional song about McDonald’s messing up ur order

  5. Erauoy Dratera says:

    Dear Ryan, can you make an advertisement for Ninja Melk while only using sign language?

  6. IAmNobody says:

    I thought the socks were actually levitating for a second

  7. Mireya Solis says:

    OMG that TEEHEE song is good like I mean like dope ??

  8. Asic14 GT says:

    Dear reg-EYE-na, could u make a diss track on Ryan?

  9. Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment says:

    *Dear Ryan, can you relaunch your old “Movies In Minutes” parodies/segments?* ??

  10. Lærke Nonved says:

    The little doll shaking it’s head in the background really distracted me for some reason?

  11. jimbo macaroni says:

    Dear Ryan, can you put the TEEHEE song on Spotify and iTunes?

  12. QM 46 says:

    Dear Ryan,I just wanna tell you that I love You,keep the good work

  13. King Mohaz says:

    Dear Ryan: can you teach us about your own life and how to do it on android plz????

  14. sky lollipop says:

    Dear Regina/Ryan can you explain English to me? Like read and read or be been bean bin?

  15. Beatrise Strautniece says:

    dear Ryan, can you, sing a popular song but every word is the original words antonym?

  16. It’s Oyi says:

    Dear Ryan, can u summarize the whole marvel franchise in 5 minutes

  17. TheAnonymousPi says:

    Dear Ryan, Can you play Minecraft with Pewdiepie and James Charles?

  18. Len D says:

    Dear Ryan, can you do the bottle cap kick challenge but in a unique way?

  19. Sum Rando says:

    *Dear Ryan, can you aggressively chase ppl on the street and yell at them in a fake foreign language to drink ninja Melk?*

  20. Sonia's Way says:

    You’re my favorite YouTuber. You’re the most creative and talented. Keep making Dear Ryan ?
    I also try to create vids, and you inspire me so much ?

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