The thug life chose me

The thug life chose me // i like to throw things into other things

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20 Responses

  1. UnderageDrinking says:

    that last throw though!

  2. Diego Gutierrez says:

    It’s simple, he’s actually a Jedi and plays the clips in reverse. 

  3. Michael Campbell says:

    Yer a wizard harry potter

  4. Jedipwntrick says:

    there was a video like this a few years ago. it’s just simple camera
    tricks, he’s not actually making these blind throws… it’s fun to watch

  5. Cory Reed says:

    I wonder how many hours of footage he had to get for this to work?

  6. young money says:

    the smirk from not having to break anymore plates.

  7. vonkruel says:

    The knife! What sorcery is this?!

  8. Agoonga says:

    Not bad, but next time do it without that hairstyle

  9. J Briggs says:

    This is a hoax. He recorded himself pulling the things to his hand with a
    fishing line then he just played the clips in reverse.

  10. Bud Juggernaut says:

    You know when you can get your hot dog in a girls bun backwards you’ve got
    something special.

  11. Gregg Leventhal says:

    I just assumed that someone is above the thing (just out of the frame)
    with the object and just drops it in. Everyone else seems to think he is
    really doing this. One of us are wrong.

  12. zTonesterz™ says:

    He started filming this in 2005…

  13. AlphaDream says:

    the dvd one is sick

  14. montecristo21 says:

    Thug life chose you too?. Ughh dam you thug life!

  15. ImStated says:

    the plate. wtf!

  16. James Thomas says:

    There appears to be a strong wind blowing in from the west.

  17. Koru says:


  18. Mr. Pink says:

    Fake And Gay

  19. karvahanuri says:

    0:26 Pacquiao wants his rotator cuff back.