The Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Reunion | Extra Hot Ep3

The Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Reunion | Extra Hot Ep3

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 had a LOT of drama in it, so in our final episode of Extra Hot we’ve got the cast back together (as best we could!) for a reunion. Watch the cast chat about how it really went down. Are Cam and Emily still together? Are Marvin and Melinda still talking? Is chase now dating that cockroach? Tune in to find out, with our amazing host Chloe Veitch.

0:00 – Intro
01:19 – Marvin & Melinda
05:14 – Larissa
07:28 – Nathan & Elle
10:45 – Carly, Chase, Joey, Tabitha
15:23 – Cam & Emily
20:16 – best moments


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60 Responses

  1. Great Day says:

    So Marvin went back to his old ways.🙄 Melinda is gorgeous and deserves better!!!

    • dehi titih says:

      @Michael MacKenzie As much as i love Melinda i think its unfair how they were allowed to stay after breaking the biggest rule. For future seasons i think anyone who has sex should be send home. Or people should have a strike system or keep some kind of limit for how much money or points each person is allowed to loose so that if that limit is reached they get dumped from the villa.

    • who's mans? says:

      @khanhvybt Mel ain’t any better 💀

    • Heavy Papa says:

      She’s with Peter now so I guess everything is okay on her part

    • Miguel Torres says:

      Can got played smh

    • sweetlikez says:

      and she got Peter 🙂

  2. Lala M. says:

    In how many ways does Marvin need to show Melinda that he doesn’t want her for her to finally get it 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄. That Mexico story was cringe

    • STARGIRL S says:

      @Kathryn Milewski she doesn’t have poor self esteem. She just was rooting for rhe the two of them a little too much. She actually knows all about these things, she also advices her fans on insta. But since her and Marv have been done, she’s been going on lots of dates with peter and they follow each other’s family as well, whats meant to be together will find it’s way.

    • purple s says:

      Yeah she’s better off with Peter

    • dehi titih says:

      I feel like Melinda only likes Marvin because he is a black guy. Maybe i am wrong but the way she was treating him like a God all season just seemed odd especially when they seemed to have little in common and there was no real chemistry between the two lol… just lust which was one sided.

    • Faith F says:

      I heard he cancelled the trip to go be with ex too! That man had the AUDACITY. His ex did an interview and mentioned it

    • Just Call Me Bon says:

      @dehi titih yup! And she had other guys after her. Why stick to the guy who treats you like crap?

  3. Taytay Queen says:

    Marvin is a con artist. The dude went on a French dating reality show right before too hot to handle, got a GF on the show, then dumped that GF and came to shoot Too Hot to Handle. Then he dumped Melinda and went back to his French reality show GF in Paris. FACTS

  4. Melis K says:

    Marvin is a little snake. He chased all the girls in the villa! Since noone really came on to him, he decided suddenly that he was in love with Mel. Like Mel! girl how many sign you need to see that “he is just not that in to you” not because you arent amazing, because you are, he just doesnt have the maturity. Cam was actually the one that supposed to win the reward. If Marvin was in Cam’s position in the bathroom with Tabitha, I dont think he would’ve said no like Cam did!!

  5. Deborah Nascimento says:

    the annoying part is that marvin was an asshole throughout the show and in the end he just turned into a good guy and decided he was in love with melinda. And in the end he won the award and dismissed melinda, while Cam (who really deserved it) didn’t win. I’m glad Cam and Emilly are still together, proving it wasn’t about the money, unlike other people.

  6. Eniola says:

    Loool wasn’t it obvious to everyone that Marvin was using Mel in the show. like not surprised.

    • STARGIRL S says:

      @Courtney Blue its @peter_vigilante ! He just got back from the gym so we’ll get updates soon🥰

    • Rodney Mcstah says:

      @sola joseph Mel was actually a little clingy and thirsty. Marvin was a player but you can’t say Mel wasn’t either kissing people just off impulse and then purposely snitching to stirr up tension

    • Zainab Abdullahi says:

      Idk why y’all are saying Cam deserved it like he didn’t go from having doubts and being conflicted in that shower scene to “ily” in less than 2 days. He was faking it for the money too

    • DestinNine says:

      @Zainab Abdullahi well idk, cam did seem more believable. Hence the fact that Him and emily even moved in together, so he can quit the act now

    • Shana diya Sujit says:


  7. Faith says:

    its crazy how the boys on this show were praised for the bare minimum….no one talked about how quickly the girls were respectful of their partnerships compared to ths dudes

  8. maiyawee veve says:

    It’s pretty clear that the only woman for Marvin is his mom.

  9. Ellie Tudor says:

    Don’t know how Marvin fooled anyone. Literally moved to every girl and when they didn’t want him he moved to Melinda because he saw her as the easiest at the end of the day. He never liked her he just used her

    • Maheen Malik says:

      @Excuse me? peter and Melinda are actually together now which is good

    • Maheen Malik says:

      I agree but I didn’t notice him using Mel. Like obviously i saw how he got with every other girl but i felt like after that phase was over he might’ve actually liked Mel. But cam 100% should’ve won the money and what Marvin did for the Mexico thing was petty.

    • Maheen Malik says:

      @dehi titih I’m pretty sure peter and Melinda actually recently started dating. They both live in New York so i guess they talked after the show and hung out and stuff

    • Excuse me? says:

      @Maheen Malik the girls (Christina , Melissa ect…) told Melinda about Marvin not being a good guy because he was trying too much stuff with them and according to the cast he was also talking sh*t about her a lot. When they prevented her , she was rude about it and that started some drama .I love her with Peter (a lot 😂❤️) , but she clearly has some self esteem issues that she needs to work on and no amount of relationship will give her that 🥺💜

    • Ellie Tudor says:

      @Maheen Malik didn’t notice? He used her to win the money and for his sexual needs. Same day they had sex he was trying to get with other girls

  10. monika says:

    I don’t understand why everyone only considers Marvin and Cam for the prize. I know they were in the final 3 but still – Emily and Melinda deserved to win way more. They were focused on one person from the beginning and they came to the show with the same baggage – they weren’t afraid to open and to commit. While Marvin and Cam were tempted by other girls all the time…

    • Alicia CC says:

      one word: sexism

    • CFC legend says:

      Nathan didn’t break any rules and was the first person to make a “genuine” connection getting the green light and he wasn’t even top 3. So basically if u were perfect throughout u had no chance to win the price because u didn’t cause any drama. That’s unfair from my POV.

    • JTRipper 00 says:

      It blows my mind at this is how some women actually think.. cam deserves to win because he didn’t go through with his urges like he previously done in every other relationships… you really that much of a feminist? 💀

    • monika says:

      @CFC legend exactly, people say that the prize was for someone who grew the most as a person but all contestants should be treated as they start from the same level. otherwise most of them had no chance of winning from the start and people who actually broke the most and the biggest rules at the end were rewarded the most.

    • monika says:

      @JTRipper 00 yeah I am and watching cam struggle not to “go through with his urges” was cringe, yes he changed but only thanks to Emily so she deserved prize more

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