The Top 7 Moments of the 2015 VMAs | MTV News

The Top 7 Moments of the 2015 VMAs | MTV News

MTV’s night of the year always has its top moments, the best of the best. Franchesca brings you her faves and asks for you to tell her yours. Was it Justin Bieber tearing it up or tear-ing it up? Nicki Minaj settling beef with Taylor Swift, or firing up the grill on Miley Cyrus? For real tho, Miley, what’s good? Maybe being schooled on the meaning of award shows by Kanye West is your thing, bruh. If there is one thing we can agree on it’s that marijuana had a very big night. #Kanye2020 Anything we forgot? Sound off in the comments!

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel “Elijah” Maximoff says:

    Ting Ting! Miley Virus vs. Jynx!

  2. ibe_kenzie says:

    Are people really mad about Miley wearing fake dreads? Does it really
    Arden’s the black community? How about that black girls wear fake Indian
    hair? Or horse hair? Should the Indian or horse community be offended too?

  3. Kristina Nicole says:

    Didn’t Kanye start an uprise about how he can’t perform at award shows
    anymore a few years ago but good for him and love tori she’s vocal goals

  4. consuelo montgomery says:

    It was fake I saw her smile a little watch it again ppl. If it wasn’t it
    was handled well lol Miley said what she had to say and so did nik

  5. Amanda Payne says:

    if kayne west runs for president of the United states of America I’ve lost
    every fiber of hope for this country to return to where american citizens
    can be called out as Americans and be proud……. and I’m moving to my own
    private island where my dog is the president he would be a much better
    selection!! ????

  6. Never Verified says:

    but this bitch predicted it

  7. Wisdom Unknown says:

    Eazy E, Tupac and Biggie are shaking their heads right now on how music
    culture is right now.

  8. NIkki Estreba says:


  9. Cam::Chowder says:

    plz don’t report the VMAs again… plz. You kinda suck…

  10. Jay Lacky says:

    If you didn’t watch the MTV VMA’s it’s because you are racist. If you are
    not voting for Hillary, you are sexist and if you are voting for Trump you
    hate latinos,niggrs, and bitches! I liked Kayne’s apology , but Taylor’s
    rant and racist comments toward Kayne were uncalled for, but expected from
    a white racist bitch. Only white people have a right to say negro bitch,
    black niggrs need to be in chains in their slave quarters at night so they
    won’t cause trouble.

  11. Johnny Bear says:

    Please people. Don’t watch this garbage.

  12. CamelCrush9 says:

    “Kill all white people.” – MTV

  13. Keith Gass says:

    that shit was depressing

  14. alexar martez says:

    Kanye west doesn’t like white people! lol

  15. Jonathan Ortiz says:

    People make a big deal about things that do not really matter. VMA’s

  16. dmaradona10 says:

    Can you bring back musicians who play actual instruments? Popular music has
    not been good in over 20 years.

  17. sandra Ogbuokiri says:

    2015 VMA’s was a disappointment.Miley was Lame.Taylor winning video of the
    year was so obvious,Kanye was the same old.I wasted 2 hours of my life
    watching it.Sad.

  18. Noah Stone says:

    Music industry is full of self absorbed overpaid talentless hacks, and the
    VMAs puts it on full display . When did music start sucking sooo bad? When
    did music award shows become a circus full of no talent clowns trying to
    out clown one another? The most pathetic thing is that our kids look up to
    and try to emulate these bozos. What a bunch of absolute trashy garbage.
    There are MAYBE a small handful of people with talent here. And sadly they
    have to sell out and join the circus to make money.

  19. Noah Stone says:

    Taylor swifts aura screams ” oh god, please get me outta here! “