The Toyota Previa Is the Weirdest Minivan Ever

The Toyota Previa Is the Weirdest Minivan Ever


The Toyota Previa is a minivan — but it’s not just any minivan. It’s a really weird minivan. Today I’m reviewing a Toyota Previa to show you why the Previa is the weirdest minivan ever.

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63 Responses

  1. Alphabet Pie says:

    This reminds me of an eggplant.

  2. Frost says:

    Get in a 2009 new beetle convertible. It’s the same weird 4 feet of interior dash… lol

  3. Its Oswald says:

    Damn. The previa is living in 2048 with the rotating seats

  4. Cole Thomson says:

    I feel like Doug is just messing with us now. He just wants too see how shitty of a car he can review before we snap!

    • FARRIS says:

      Cole Thomson you are shitty

    • Ramad Jones says:

      Cole, go look up videos of Previa mods. The Previa is a rear wheel drive mid-engine vehicle with most of it’s weight in the center. Doug is actually reviewing the less interesting version of the van – the rear wheel version has a manual transmission. You can do some pretty sick driving in that thing. And while folks are truly pampered by cars that have 250+ hp nowadays, 140hp still will get you moving, can still get you to do fun things like donuts and power slides, and can still haul the fishing boat up to the lake. The Previa was not a shitty car.

    • Rick C says:

      A shitpost can have a lot of interesting quirks and features.

    • GOD says:

      You don’t know shit if you think the Previa is shitty

    • Marcus Cook says:

      I’d drive one

  5. ///ALEX C says:

    #49 on trending holy shit Doug ur killing it

  6. pauljs75 says:

    That engine and drivetrain could be fun if the minivan was a VW Microbus, but this probably weighs twice as much. Ah well, at least they gave it a good Toyota effort despite the quirks.

  7. Polska 95 says:

    When I was little we called these things eggmobiles

  8. Edprobro says:

    That van was ahead of its time ?

  9. Sam Sheth says:

    this car is thick

  10. C.W. Winger says:

    vans always had door one just one side… i find it odd he finds it odd. also the cupholders have always been a big part of the minivan. since 84! so it’s par the course.

    • Oneshotup says:

      C.W. Winger yeah I think he is showing his age a little bit. When I see him review cars from the 90s he talks about things like he has never seen or experienced them at all….

    • gp techman says:

      C.W. Winger no 2

    • Atomix Age says:

      I have never seen a van with only three doors. They all have two side doors.

    • Redfire 03 SVT says:

      Same with the huge dashboard thing… He must have never been in a late 90’s Dodge Caravan because there is miles of dashboard in those as well

    • Fred Flintstone says:

      Has he ever looked at older cars….they only had one key, on the passenger side, supposedly for the same ‘type’ reason. Of course they had bench seats too.

  11. Llama Vlogs says:

    It’s funny how rare these are in America there is about 20 of these in my town in Australia

  12. Keksi the Labrador says:

    Mid engined, basically a supercar.

  13. Alex Swenson says:

    “If you’re even watching this part” …

    Yes Doug. We are watching this part.

    Why are we watching this part Doug.



    luv you ❤️

  14. Tyler Cameron says:

    Mid-engine vehicles are stupid. Engines belong under a hood, not somewhere where you literally have to drop the motor just to replace a simple belt -.-

    • givemeajackson says:

      Tyler Cameron see, you’d be correct in most cases. but the thing with the previa is that it simply doesn’t need any maintenance. Trust me, nothing about this car is anything less than bulletproof. Ours did 350’000 kilometers before being crashed, and i have no doubts it would have done 500k.

    • Zahid Eshaque says:

      I had a different variant of the previa called townace. It also had engine under the seat. But for maintenance I never had to take out the engine. In townace front bumper and panels came off giving full access to the engine.

    • Kurt Styer says:

      It’s hard to tell in the video but the belts are under the hood in front, that black vent in the middle pops out with two screws and everything is right in front of you, it’s easier to work on than many “regular” vehicles. 200k on one previa before it was totaled in an accident and 250k and counting on my “new” previa, no engines dropped yet.

    • SpeCifiC0507 says:

      Tyler Cameron It would of been most wise to speak about something you know what you’re talking about first, otherwise you look like the clown you are.

      They designed this van with accessibility in mind and it’s very easy, in fact much easier to navigate the engine in this thing vs. A 3.8 Dodge Caravan Engine where everything is incredibly crammed in a small space.

  15. Mohammad Alshboul says:

    Wow , Mercedes in 2018 stole the idea of the windshield water spray nozzles placement from this old minivan . Impressive
    Mercedes thinking is just like apple’s.

    • Luc Verhoeven says:

      Mohammad Alshboul 2016, but indeed

    • Jojo Divas says:

      Mohammad Alshboul and I did watch a video on facebook about it, and now knowing this car can do the same thing but it already had that feature from 1990s, it feels like the video is just boasting about mercedes “technologies or innovations” and ignorant this one damn of a soccer mom car!

    • Arc says:

      they stole a technology and slapped a retarded name on it to make rich people cream their pants. “Magic Vision Control”.

  16. repairvehicle says:

    Best engineered mini van. Not just copy and paste, like it’s done today.

  17. NorthernChev says:

    3800 lb towing capacity? Trust me, going up “hills” would be your LAST thing you should worry about. How about trying to STOP that amount of weight with a towing vehicle that weighs nearly the same? Your load would push you through every intersection just from the inertia… And forget it if the intersection has loose gravel on it, jack knife!

  18. Cory Checketts says:

    My friend drove a Previa in college because he could fit five kayaks in it.

  19. Matyaz84 says:

    The type of guy who reviews a 21-year old Toyota minivan… and we watch it for some reason.

  20. Safe Racer says:

    A minivan review is trending on YouTube!! Lol

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