The Transgender Fight For Safe Bathrooms

The Transgender Fight For Safe Bathrooms

A Transgender woman explains why gender neutral bathrooms are vital to the trans rights movement.

The city of West Hollywood, CA became the first municipality in the state to mandate gender neutral bathrooms in 2015. We met up with a transgender activist to learn why this change is important in the fight for trans equality.

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Drian Juarez, Transgender Activist


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20 Responses

  1. hehehohoism says:

    The time our modern society wastes of such small detail, on a minority that
    chooses to isolate themselves and “call out”, “reclaim” things our
    forefathers have set in place is wrong. The time and money used to
    slightly “improve” LGBTQI lives so they can complain about another issue is
    so much and never-ending. Don’t we get it? There will never be a perfect
    society and there will always be people who “hate” and “deny” their
    “rights.” But if that money was used towards the environment, fellow
    humans in 3rd world countries, much more improvement would come to our

  2. supersqueak says:

    Gender is dumb it’s a stupid societal construct there is penis and vagina
    and that is to me. I don’t want to use the same bathroom as people with
    penises and I shouldn’t have to.

  3. tish Luke says:

    SO many people care too much about how others live their lives, but when
    someone starts criticizing their life , what happens, they start getting
    offended and start saying hypocritical things. I’m not saying that i
    haven’t at least once but i try to keep from doing that.

  4. tarepandaval says:

    I don get why transgender ppl are physical abuse like wtf 

  5. MrQwerty227 says:

    So if I go to school and identify with teachers, I get to use the teachers

  6. Joey Funk says:

    The sad thing is that there are so many comments by close minded people who
    have no idea what gender actually is. 

  7. Joe Blow says:

    “other” women HAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you have a dick 

  8. Georgia King says:

    I don’t want to be mean but if you have a penis go in the men’s if you
    don’t go in the women’s 

  9. CallieAmberX says:

    Public bathrooms for both genders can be a bad idea. If you are in some
    rough place and there is a shared bathroom, there could be some ‘thing’
    going on between a man and a woman that you wouldn’t want your children to
    see. And in the uk, I’m not sure about usa there are no special toilets for
    children after they would be the age that could be able to take in and
    properly see what happened cause after they have grown out of the baby
    changing stage they have to go into the men’s and women’s toilets like
    normal. Sometimes if there is just a woman on her own with a child who is
    male, she would take them into the female toilets because it would be wrong
    to go into the male bathroom. So why isn’t there children’s bathrooms? In
    fairness, I think it is a bit weird that the woman on this video was for no
    reason dragged out of toilets? If all she was doing was going for a wee
    then why would people be so offended to chuck her out, there sounds like
    there was some provoking going on, regardless of her being trans or not

  10. Volcanothedragon says:

    I dont get what people are finding so disgusting about trans people. I’m
    trans myself (transpecies actually) and I know I’m opening myself up to
    hate, but I dont get why people hate. Can someone just explain it to me?

  11. hiimjolie says:

    Proud to say that I go to a college where every bathroom is gender neutral,
    and where we openly oppose the gender binary system!

  12. armyrunt01 says:

    This is just stupid. If your trans. Just go to the restroom that best suits
    you. And follow simple etiquette. There will always be people with a
    problem. Let them. Do your business get out. If shit goes down (no pun
    intended) just protect yourself or call the cops. We don’t need to make
    stupid laws to change bathrooms for every single sexual preference there
    are better things you could put your time into. 

  13. Jamesmeister989 says:

    This is a disgrace to God

  14. Garret Browning says:

    The comments are exactly what you’d expect. no need to even check.

    You are beautiful and wonderful and have a nice day. <3

  15. ZeroPhoenix94 says:

    I feel like both sides of the comments section are just bashing their heads
    into a brick wall.

  16. Kristiana Wilson says:

    Being female, if i was to use a bathroom with another women who is
    biologically female that is no problem. Just because someone see’s them
    self as a female they are not biologically female so that is a problem.
    What is the chance of many men pretending to be transgender, get access
    into a female bathroom and causing trouble. Sorry for the ignorance or any
    offence. Just another angle to the discussion.

  17. TheIamnotinsane says:

    Vastly impractical, not only do you open a flood gate for genders and
    subsections etc., you end with toilets for people that don’t like peeing
    next to other people? It also has a spacing issue, where does it go,
    there’s no room in most shops or public places for more toilets. It would
    be massively damaging to small businesses forcing them to open a new toilet
    that might get used once a month. Just use a cubicle. 

  18. Samuel Braun says:

    Penis = male
    Vagina = female
    Come on people its pretty straight forward enough with this gay ass “trans”

  19. Aukse Janulyte says:

    My problem with neutral bathrooms is that nasty men will use the same
    toilets as women which is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t have any desire to
    sit on the toilet where prior me a man was peeing and the toilet seat is
    all covered in pee. No mam, no ham, no turkey.
    Also you will see that the rape rates will double from now because men are
    women use the same bathroom. I’m pretty sure some people will use it as an
    opportunity to get some by force.
    As for transgender people , I think people should get over them and let
    them live as they want including using bathrooms og the gender they feel.
    However again there should be some kind of limits because some nasty ass
    people could use it as an excuse.

  20. Bellecinno says:

    IDK about you guys, but if it weren’t for the title, I would immediately
    assume she is a woman, suits her. Poor her though :c