The Trouble With Tumbleweed

The Trouble With Tumbleweed

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57 Responses

  1. Stone says:

    Everyone: Oh no! Global Warming, New Corona Virus!
    CGP Grey: Oh no! Tumble Weeds!

    • Manored says:

      ​@Nanook128 No. Storms and other natural phenomena occur as they always did, and people blame global warming because that in turn lets them blame all the usual suspects they already hate. There isn’t enough evidence to support the idea of a long-term increase in climatic natural disasters due to global warming. Its all conjecture.

      And even if there *was* such a trend, it will affect each part of the world differently and uniquely. Its silly for any single individual to worry about it, thus. Maybe nothing will happen where you live. Maybe the climate will actually get better. Certain areas of the world will become much more livable if they warm up.

    • ty ty says:

      Well I mean coronaviruses over blown anyway

    • IncognitoTorpedo says:

      @Brad Haines When you’re 48, I bet you’ll care about climate change. If you live that long.

    • Nanook128 says:

      @Manored There is a trend, and even if the climate gets better in your area you will suffer from the massive displaced human populations and economic deviation.

    • Brad Haines says:

      @IncognitoTorpedo nope. its all nonsense to raise taxes. dont believe me? whats their solution? TAX EVERYTHING. its all just a money grab and PR stunt

  2. bulla da lulla says:

    Everyone else: AHH corona virus in the U.S
    Meanwhile CGP Grey sipping on his coffee: yeah….. *Tumbleweed*

    • DreamKiller 33 says:

      bulla da lulla I mean it’s nice to hear or watch something that isn’t crazy.

    • ty ty says:

      The coronavirus is overblown anyway who cares.

    • Spik Man says:

      ​@ty ty Yeah People are just using this junk to cash up on money buy buying out stuff and reselling it its ridiculous. About half of the people that got the disease are recovering and that number will probably improve more and more as it goes on. Media is milking this away and overreacting practically on purpose.

  3. Golag Is watching you says:

    Me reading title “well this must be a joke video, right?… right?”

    After video : “Tumble weed of death”

  4. Assault Gunner says:

    “Bouncy and sticky”

    I don’t like this…

  5. AlphaWolf098 says:

    Me: you know…we could probably make a fortune selling these things as fire starters for camping.

    Lol xD

  6. Matthew Alden says:

    0:28 “To intentionally to starve and to die…”
    It’s Russian alright.

  7. AltSysRqSync says:

    As Boney M. already stated long ago…

    “Oh, those Russians!”

  8. Drawing tutorials says:

    Austraila: we lost a war against a smoll brain bird.
    America: hold my beer.

    • Data Banks says:

      @W0Y4K Indeed, Emus vs the army with machine guns and the stupid birds won. Oh and we have tumble weed in Australia too. Horrible stuff. Also nicknamed “rollbush” – there’s even streets named after the damn things

    • Jerry Martin says:

      At least emus don’t turn into fireballs and launch themselves in every direction when you set them on fire

    • Joel Carreras says:

      USA fighting zombies since the beginning

    • GameLeader says:

      We should have sent the military after it… It wouldn’t have helped but it would nake this video even more hilarious lol.

    • Elite Club says:

      @Sir Billius Better to lose to zombie plants vs. giant birds. You can’t kill whats already dead

  9. Luca Ortolani says:

    Absolutely everyone: I can’t wait for the continuation of Grey’s series on the Electoral Collage or the Indians or whatever else
    GCP Grey: *have you ever heard of tumbleweeds*

  10. Liam Hurlburt says:

    Fun fact: Albuquerque builds a tumbleweed snowman every year

  11. Ian Miller says:

    tumbleweeds when they see a crop: “There ain’t enough room in town for both of us”

  12. US says:

    Me after watching Konosuba
    “ Cabbage! Cabbage! Cabbage!”

  13. Renzo Arturo Romero says:

    Australia: War on Emus
    United States: War on Tumble Weed

    • MJFallout says:

      Solution: Bring emus to America to fight the tumbles; bring tumbles to Australia to fight the emus!

    • Gamer says:

      MJFallout 🙅‍♀️ their were bushfires in november – january almost everywhere in australia australia is flammable enough already

    • Garrett Dark says:

      I hear Emus are tasty burgers. Maybe Australia’s problem is they got too many vegans, vegetarians, and anti-gun activists.

  14. Ian McDougall says:

    Oklahoman here! One night, I was driving into a storm, and just before the rain began to pour, there was this massive gust of wind followed by a ten foot tumbleweed wall momentarily engulfing the road in front of me. One of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen.

  15. Holly Snow says:

    before this video:
    me: awww tumbleweed are cute!
    after this video:
    me: tumble weed are evil.

    • Dez says:

      They’re plotting against us

    • Holly Snow says:

      @Dez I live in an area with whole bunch of brambles and thistles. the idea that those fuckers could move and take over towns is horrifying and infuriating. time to declare war.

  16. The Observer says:

    When I ran on my high school’s cross country team, we would go running down trails that would occasionally become so clogged with tumbleweeds that they’d be unusable for us short pant-legged runners.

  17. TheGreatAtario says:

    God damn it, Russia.
    Also, when did we decide “tumbleweed” is also plural?
    Also also, bless you for helping popularize “twenty hundred”

  18. Forgiven Sinner says:

    Well researched, well written, well-voiced, well animated–just another highly interesting video from CGP Grey.

  19. Moongduri says:

    “Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.”

  20. Undyne the Fishy - James says:

    2:47 “A lone tumbleweed can fu- pollinate itself”

    *bruh moment intensifies*

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