The TRUE Story of the BLOOD GOLEM…

The TRUE Story of the BLOOD GOLEM…

The Blood Golem is a new evolution in the Minecraft world, created for the sole purpose of defending Iron Golems from players’ mistreatment. How did this powerful mob come into existence, and is it still out there? Find out as we explore the Story of the BLOOD GOLEM.

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32 Responses

  1. Chancellor Bismarck says:

    So, I’d be safe considering I actually care about the villagers’ lives and build defenses to help keep them safe. (Minus the raids I start, but I usually hide the villagers so the pillagers can’t get them.)

  2. The 143 Pacer says:

    I have sworn my loyalty to villager and golem kind about a a year ago now and I have built plenty of things to help villagers. I’m currently building a city! It has railway transport! An airport! A police station! And an army of iron gollems to protect all those villagers! Plus a cemetery that will honour all fallen gollems. May all fallen gollems rest in peace.

  3. The Roy Burnham Show says:

    I take care of the villages and villagers and iron golems, by restoring villager’s crops, or rebuilding the villages, fighting raids, and when ever iron golems are cracked and are about to die in a couple of hits, I repair them with iron ingots, but when villagers are iron golems, die, and I couldn’t save them. I set up a grave for them

  4. Helene Bouvet Halliday says:

    I love this video, it really gives a great backstory to this mob, GREAT WORK!!

  5. Gail Zhao says:

    Last time I checked the blood golem is immortal able to regenerate health after you lose half a heart and strong attacks and able to grow to the size of a mountain which makes this golem very dangerous!

  6. beargreen1 says:

    The Blood Golem is a great mob in lore

  7. safino games says:

    The effect is called darkness not blindness of the deep dark

  8. Reanu Keevs says:

    If there is a Blood Golem due to IronGolem farming, where is the Blood Warden? Warden farming currently exists at extreme efficiency

  9. European Mapper says:

    im pretty sure the red stain on it is just a damaged iron golem

  10. Madhava says:

    To defeat the blood golem. Use creative, hacks, or just kill everyone by deleting the world.

    • Narrativeless Entity says:

      @★sister 997★ Bruh, even Herobrine can’t disable commands
      And this Blood Golem just a senseless edgy OC

    • ★sister 997★ says:

      I don’t think creative hacks or deleting worlds can do that cud delete world and made a new world or be creative it wound turn to survival and hardcore mode and delete world would just be on a another world

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