The Trump Presidency: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The Trump Presidency: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

One year after the presidential election, John Oliver discusses what we’ve learned so far and enlists our catheter cowboy to teach Donald Trump what he hasn’t.

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77 Responses

  1. Zac Tha Casbah says:

    The delegitimization of the media, whataboutism, and trolling cycle is directly related to the cycle I have pinned on the Trump administration of denial, blaming, and attack.

  2. Tony Wang says:

    When pressed 13:43 to explain his comments about President Obama being “sick and bad”, Trump flat out refused like a kid…it’s funny and sad to watch that this is our President of the United States.

    • Lathander81 says:

      At this point its not funny to me anymore…literally anyone in the comment section could be the next president at this rate.

    • Anti Matter Dynamite says:

      Tony Wang congratz you can hear words then type them out… would you at least change SOME words when you just copy what was said?

    • vick3d says:

      Lathander81, that’s supposed to be the hallmark of the country – that a person like Obama goes from fatherless household to Harvard to the presidency to now on jury duty. You sound like you want a nobility.

    • Oliva Pope says:

      vick3d no. They are saying, that any internet troll is now good enough to be president because of the lower standards made by Trump.

  3. Rubashow says:

    The media deligitimized itself. Trump could not have engineered this state by himself. He just exploited a massive lack of trust in the media, that was exacerbated by the 2016 campaign. Media coverage during the campaign did not come across as the honest attempt to inform the populace. It came across as a massive persuasion attempt to convince people to vote for Clinton.

    When it comes to truth, trustworthyness and “whatabouttism”: Critical theory, 3rd wave Feminism and postmodernism are nothing but obfuscation, fals equivalencies and the denial of objective truth. Especially postmodern argumentation is something the left cultivates since at least the 1970s. They initiated the assault on truth and now they can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

  4. Luise Atoll says:


    Oh this will be fun to have when you converse with regressives. I can predict them using this and not notice the irony of them using it as well.

  5. Artem Bentsionov says:

    It’s sad when people talk to the President of the United States like he’s a small child. It’s even sadder when there’s no other way.

    By the way, cue comments that start with “What about ?”

  6. Nvincible says:

    It frustrates me how a man of his(Trump’s) age can act this illogically, I am 19 years old, and his actions seem childish to ME. Aren’t people supposed to mature with age?
    And how is it that that many people actually voted for him?!
    Are there really so many people with a broken mentality in America? cause it sure seems like so.

    • Ben George says:

      Arrowhawk Why are you sorry about it ?

    • Exoticbeauty015 says:

      You right he is childish. I dont why these people that support him cant see him for what he is. They are just determined to support him no matter what. If he open fire on a crowd of people. They would still find a way to support him.

    • Narret says:

      Maturity doesn’t come with age, age comes with the responsibility to be mature, and as we all know… Trump doesn’t know what his responsibilities are, instead, would rather pass those on to other people, or just say he is taking responsibility, when he doesn’t really…

    • Torik Redguard says:

      A desperate need to rebel because you feel your voice has been ignored. Yeah, I get it, 2016 was the year of the outsider, but could you not have picked one who wasn’t a complete fucking moron?

  7. William Keller says:

    NO MORE EPISODES UNTIL FEBRUARY? come on HBO and Mr. Oliver, work out a new contract or something. The show being gone until February is ridiculous. smh

  8. badgerman says:

    I have the best words
    —Donald Trump

  9. Eliphas Leary says:

    That old cowboy might one day be our last hope.

  10. MythicTyrant says:

    President iPhone 2020?

  11. TheSinglePlayer says:

    Me: Hey look, omg this guy allegedly fucked a 14-year-old girl. Holy shit dude.
    Hannity: Yeah, but what about Bill Clinton?
    Me: Bill Cli…? What the fuck are you smoking man?! We’re talking about a guy who might have raped a child you dumbfuck!

    • jankinflames says:

      @Sambou Jaiteh : Hannity has a small cock, he avoids sexual encounters over his fear of penis humiliation.

    • Lavrentivs says:

      vick3d That varies a lot around the globe, but regardless if it was legal or not, most people would raise questions when it’s a 14 year old girl with a man more than twice her age.

    • Albert Morris says:

      @vick3d while the age of consent may be 14 for many countries, it is NOT the legal age of consent in the US. Meaning if he did have any relationship with a child under the age of consent it is illegal. And even if it wasn’t illegal it is still fucking sleazy.

    • Ric Ancira says:

      TheSinglePlayer yes, but what about Bill Clinton?

  12. Harry says:

    CNN is biased but FOX is outright tin-foil hat retarded.

    Edit: FYI, I’m not endorsing CNN as the only valid source of facts. I read NYT, WSJ, WashPo, USAToday, and Times, daily to further check my facts. I’m merely pointing out that CNN is more credible and valid that FOX. Can’t believe I have to explain why 1+1=2. smh

    • Alex Smith says:

      Trumptards triggered ? #knowfacts

    • Diechs Gätjens says:

      Jason Davis stop stretching reality, just read literally what he typed, don’t add anything else: CNN is biased, but FOX is way more blatantly biased, at least you can watch some CNN at certain hours and topics. He never praised or apologized for CNN, he actually added the note on his own comment that he is not endorsing CNN.

    • jankinflames says:

      @Jason Davis : That is very good of You to point out but it doesn’t change the fact that Fox news is the most biased and skewed of any news outlet.

    • Tiaan De Swardt says:

      What about your ‘whataboutism’?

  13. Harry says:

    Making enemies unhappy is a major accomplishment. Congratulations US, you turned 5

  14. Jake Moyo says:

    PLEASE do an episode on Net Neutrality! There’s a vote next week in congress on removing it!

  15. Harry says:

    This is the difference between conservatives and progressives.
    We can read.
    Edit: I’m a progressive. Didn’t think I’d have to explain this but I guess some people don’t get that.

    • Nathan Witus says:

      Which one are you? That was a pretty ambiguous statement and I’d like to make sure I got all of your identity/ideology signifiers right before producing a tailor made insult towards whichever group you most closely identify with.

    • goddessoflove4ever says:

      Harry you’re using the same tactics as the people you dislike. Just because what she did wasn’t illegal doesn’t mean it’s not immoral. She took away our choice and took money away from state elections so it would all go to our campaign. That was selfish dumb and ridiculous.

    • Harry says:

      I do think she was immoral and unethical but this wasn’t a mundane election. It is considerably the weirdest and the most disgusting election in our history and it was either her or the Orange Twat. I chose the former because while she may’ve been unethical, she knew how to get things done. As a First lady, a senator, and secretary of state, she got shits done. Her policies were beyond better than the Orange Twat who flip-flopped on literally every issue and who never gave out real policies not to mention he’s credentials have been questioned from day 1. Also, politicians have always been “unethical” but for some reason, when Hillary is involved, everyone acts as if Politicians are the most transparent honest bunch she’s the devil. She was unethical but never breached the laws.

    • Bobby Derran says:

      Harry Where is this whole country you’re talking about? Oh you mean the College Liberals who don’t know what a shower is?

    • Harry says:

      Bobby Derran
      yeah cause tax plan that only benefits the wealthy and cutting ACA is good for the whole country!! smh

  16. לביא גלזמן says:

    John is probably not going to read this, but if he is, here’s a suggestion: When you want to show the right why they’re wrong (pun definitely intended), I see no logical reason to use sources which the people you’re trying to convince will never deem valid, such as CNN or Vice. Bring in third party sources, such as Snopes, Politifact or government websites as much as humanly possible.

  17. Samuel Michalski says:

    John Oliver looks like a fucking pickle with glasses

  18. Simon Naftaliyev says:

    I guess our next president is Iphone XLVI

  19. UnPhayzable says:

    I can confirm, marathons fuckin suck

  20. UnPhayzable says:

    That interview was a Top 10 Anime Betrayal

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