The Truth About Asparagus and Your Pee

An astonishing amount of research has gone into the question of whether asparagus really makes your urine smell funny. Sci Show explains it all inside!

Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. steph c says:

    The science of Asparagus pee. lol — Does asparagus turn your chamber pot
    into a flask of perfume?

  2. DarkAngelEU says:

    peeing after asparagus is scrumptious :)

  3. Mr.go_hard says:

    White people always doing some nasty shit like sniffing piss

  4. Brandon Shaffer says:

    Wait, vanilla has a smell?

  5. Mary Jane says:

    Ok semi-serious question now…
    I go though periods of smoking a bit of wacky tobaccy, you know, the old
    herb and bong, mary J, bifta…
    Cannabis, Marijuana.
    Sometimes I have stretches of time (months even) when I don’t.
    When I’m going through periods of time that I am smoking (even if I hadn’t
    smoked it that day) my armpits, when they sweat, will secrete a smell very
    much like that of the plant I was smoking.
    Is there a correlation with armpit odour and what we consume or am I just
    paranoid from years of getting high?

  6. albinoman13bt says:

    I think it also has to do with the part of the asparagus you eat. For 30
    some years I didn’t think it worked on me. And then finally last year I had
    it happen, and it really smells bad. The difference was it was the first
    time I’d ate store bought asparagus. We’d normally go asparagus hunting in
    the spring but I had bad luck finding it that year. When you hunt for it
    you break off the top, above the light colored area whereas in the store
    you get the whole stalk. I think it’s the whitish part that makes you

  7. Boredness says:

    Yes my pee smells weird after I eat asparagus, but only if I eat it raw. I
    usually bake it in olive oil to make it extra crispy and I don’t seem to
    get the smell eating it like that

  8. Scott Dann says:

    I personally like eating pot pourri… My excretions become a pleasure and
    a wonder to the senses.

  9. No Fullname says:

    My pee smells like tuna after I eat tuna. And sometimes my pee smells like
    gunpowder. o( ^.^)o

  10. LZ Mike says:

    I’m a non-smeller and/or a non-excreter. My whole family loves asparagus
    and I’ve never noticed it in shared restrooms.

  11. audrey zelinke says:

    Why does it not tickle when you tickle yourself? i have always wanted to
    know that question

  12. tuxedo cow says:

    I have a question, tell me if it has been answered, but how does your gut
    bacteria, get in your gut?

  13. SaeraLikesTea says:

    i have a hard time even being in the same room as asparagus, never mind
    eating it.

    the smell is just
    kind of horrific

    even fresh, i can’t stand it for some reason


    My piss doesn’t smell, nor does it turn bright yellow as I hear it is
    supposed to and I eat a lot of asparagus… a LOT. I love that stuff.
    as a side note, I don’t get BO either. people are usually shocked when they
    find out i don’t even own deodorant.

  15. osmia says:

    Joining the perfumed chamber pot gang.

  16. Sanam Goli says:

    Thank the Gods I hate asparagus more than anything that exists.

  17. Jim Malone says:

    Seriously!!! When will we stop using old maps of israel that show the
    borders from the sixties!? It’s like saying russia is the soviet union!

  18. bob nuck says:

    probably just went to their poo if not their pee

  19. Priscilla Liang says:

    Want to watch a speeddraw foxgirl? Come to my acount

  20. emily june says:

    I have a good sense of smell but I don’t know what mine smells like cause I
    don’t think that I have had asparagus before.