The Truth About Ja Morant’s Knee Injury – Doctor Explains ‘Dirty’ Play

The Truth About Ja Morant’s Knee Injury – Doctor Explains ‘Dirty’ Play

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Ja Morant appeared to suffer a knee injury in Game 3 against the Golden State Warriors. Many people think that Jordan Poole tried to injury Morant on a dirty play, but in this video we’ll take a closer look at what really happened.

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53 Responses

  1. Freddie MAC says:

    Ja is just experiencing wear and tear from playing hard and frequently landing awkwardly. Those knee issues that kept him out a few weeks will just need more time to heal.

  2. Psyche Eight08 says:

    Thank you doc! Shedding some light on people reacting with their feelings. Great assessment/video.

    • Lurn Well says:

      @Keymuandre Abdallah I’m not sure. I liked the way he handled the press. Good players are getting hurt on these fast paced games. I knew this series would have the most injuries. I just hope all these injuries don’t turn into a dirty next game from any side. Watching these games is my peace, but the media wants drama.

    • Lurn Well says:

      @串哥 It’s all good. These games are intense. At least we have something to take our minds off the craziness in the world for now.

    • Keymuandre Abdallah says:

      @Anthony Holmes whats your argument against the doctor that said that the knee grab didn’t cause the injury?

    • Keymuandre Abdallah says:

      @Lurn Welldid you watch the video? Do you still think the knee grab caused the injury?

  3. Alex says:

    People want to talk about how “soft” athletes are these days but then want to call every single play dirty. Imo, the game happens so fast in real time that there’s absolutely no way all these physical plays are the result of some kind of intent to injure. I think Dillon Brooks’ hit on GP2 was far worse because there was adequate time for him to assess the situation and wind up for the hit. But something that happens faster than the blink of an eye? I have a hard time believing anyone can consciously decide to be “dirty” within that short span of time.

    • eaJayy says:

      @Dologong Polopono Bonotong Polopono found the salty grizzlies fan

    • Wiremu Riki says:

      Same exact thing you can clearly see pole pushed him while his other hand is holding his knee and you tell me how would you feel, Their team knows what ja capable of and they knew there was no other way to slow this team down by then taking out the only allstar in it, These games will be borring again without Ja

    • Caffeine & Heartbeats says:

      @EmissAry TheGreat did you watch the video? That’s an actual doctor 😁

    • Kenny Hudson says:

      You’ve never played ball then, because you definitely can. Sorry.

    • EmissAry TheGreat says:

      @Caffeine & Heartbeats what u think is irrelevant. He is injured from his play. Speak on facts fact is, he is injured soo clearly there was more force than u can calculate thru A screen. And they arent normal size humans. Bigger stronger. They can create great force with less effort.

  4. Dry Iyce says:

    I love explosive gaurds but we’ve seen this story too many times sadly. I hope Ja gets better, but the dude needs to be more careful. This series is going to humble him real quick and I hope he learns well from here on out and can take better care of himself

    • T1Oracle says:

      @Ashwin Chander For his size he’s going to need more range. He’s not heavy enough to keep fighting people in the paint for the easy shots. Jumping over everyone is not going to work for the long term.

    • Viyus Avery says:

      Ja Morant needs to practice balle stretch exercises and yoga to strengthen those joints etc

      I don’t know why explosive guards don’t put in the work on those exercise routines they stick to lifting weights in the gym for muscle

    • Xalerant says:

      @My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name they dont go running into contact. Curry doesnt go for dunks, only layups and floaters, therefore not landing cuz hes on ground. Poole is so fast he goes past his defender, doesnt slam into them. Kuminga isnt undersized, hes 6’7 and has more power and strength, so the contact doesnt bother him as much. Ja is 6’3, explosive, and always gets SO much contact because he tries to posterize everyone he sees. He jumps as high as he can and the amount he has to fall plus the sheer power of the contact can cause injury easily.

    • Ashwin Chander says:

      @My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name is james Wiseman present and do warriors have Giannis or Ayton playing for them? . I am talking about interior defence with an physical and imposing big. Draymond green although plays big but is small. This one of the reason they have not been able to keep Ja from scoring . Wariors are terrific defensive team because despite thier size issues they overcompensate with effort and energy but there are some matchups talent of the offoensive player who drives alot would prevail and damn sure warriors will face similar issue with Giannis because both Ja and Giannis are great in transition when they go down hill. I am here talking about defending Ja not about warrior’s ability to finish at the rim.

    • My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name says:

      @Ashwin Chander Poole kuminga and steph finish in the paint all the time. Also James Wiseman when he’s here.

  5. dunmatta says:

    Appreciate the breakdown Dr. Sutterer. IMO, Ja looks so reckless launching himself like that all the time. Someone needs to train him to harness that athleticism because he’s starting to accrue quite a laundry list of injuries.

  6. Choji Choji Pam says:

    Thanks Doc for this. You are absolutely right, the Klay contact most likely triggered Ja Morants injury.
    I remember, cadaver days. The amount of fortification in and around the knee joint is so solid. The force Poole’s hand just not strong enough even if it were a 5 yr old’s knee

  7. Phil says:

    The fact that this is even being debated as a dirty play shows how soft the league has gotten in the past couple of decades

    • Eko says:

      You’ve gotta be losing your mind.
      Try running forward with your knee facing a weird angle. If Ja’s knees weren’t pulled while he was trying to run forward then he wouldn’t have been hurt. Wether or not Jordan Poole intended this is up for debate, but regardless if he hadn’t pulled his knee then Ja wouldn’t have been injured.

    • Julius Turner says:

      No it just shows how dillusional society is when it comes to fans and players.

  8. Char Custom says:

    That second attempt on the ball where Jordan pushed Morant was instinctual.

    You could tell Jordan was attempting to reach in for the ball but when he caught Ja’s knee he immediately leg go.

    His left hand on the back of Ja’s hip is an instinctual move in the event that if he did get any of the ball he could move Ja’s body out of the way to potentially make a play on a loose ball.

    The optics look bad because Jordan is pushing Ja one way and pulling him another from the side angle. But from front angle you can tell Jordan didn’t even pull Ja’s leg with enough force to do any damage.

    • Matt Passos says:

      @Cameron No REEEEACH

    • Cameron No says:

      @Victor Liang I’m a ROAD guy that doesn’t do skin. I hope you get the reference :).

    • Cameron No says:

      ​@Shawn Kurt What particularly was said by me that you disagree with, Shawn?

    • Shawn Kurt says:

      @Cameron No nah, the doctor in the video spoke logically and clearly explains what and how it happened. He discussed about the biophysics of the body and you here a doctor per se clearly making assumptions with baseless takes.

    • Victor Liang says:

      @Cameron No just curious. What is your area of expertise as a doctor?

  9. Willie Wonks says:

    Love how fast, accurate, and how much you stand up for your findings against other “findings”

    • eaJayy says:

      @Steven Damian bro you delusional asf 😂. More excuses for why Ja is hurt. Blame yo damn team and coaches for making him carry so hard. Also dirty? You wanna see dirty look at brooks and dray, but that was nowhere near dirty. Like did you even watch the game where he hurts his knee guard Thompson?

    • eaJayy says:

      @Steven Damian so all of a sudden you know more about biomechanics than a doctor. Ight.

    • Jayden says:

      @Steven Damian I don’t think it was a dirty play but I agree that most arguments are an appeal to authority and his comment about putting pressure on a knee doesn’t take into account a person moving full speed and putting all their pressure on their knee while someone is also yanking it the other way.

    • Steven Damian says:

      No I think he’s just using his MD to back his team. I don’t hate the guy I just think he’s full of shit on this. Was Def a dirty play, don’t matter what happened what matters most here is intent. He intended to cause harm whether or not he did. Don’t need to be a doctor to know what a dirty play is, 🤡.

    • Samuel Constance says:

      @Steven Damian lmao you don’t think this doctor who literally specializes in the field of physical medicine and rehab is accounting for factors he’s likely seen many many times? 🤡

  10. Flagg Staff says:

    Players double Steph this way all the time. Thanks for the rundown & facts on this Doc. Ur always reliable, timely & AWESOME!

    • aric andresen says:

      @Patrick Morgan another steph casual. Steph does not get double teamed that much I don’t know what games u watch and stats also prove that u dummy. And steph doesn’t get many iso opportunities because that’s how Steve Kerr runs his offense, shows how much u actually watch u pretender. Luka gets 1v1 all the time because if you don’t switch in pnr u will lose that’s just facts.

    • Brian says:

      @aric andresen I love Steph but Steph fanboys are delusional. Don’t argue with them.

    • Patrick Morgan says:

      @Kenny Dotson exactly

    • Patrick Morgan says:

      @aric andresen that’s not even close to true. Luka scores so many of his points in 1 v 1 scenarios. Teams don’t even allow Steph curry to play 1 on 1 because of how scared they are of him. Steph rarely gets opportunities for isolation. Usually at the end of quarters with seconds left when defenses don’t have enough time to set up their defenses.

    • Patrick Morgan says:


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