The TRUTH About My Car Accident.

The TRUTH About My Car Accident.

Today we are going on a journey. Here is what has been happening in my life for the last month.
My best friend Daniel and I were in a horrible car accident that changed our lives and was very haunting. It’s been exactly ONE month since everything happened and I wanted to talk about everything. I never expected sympathy but the amount of people who were celebrating our accident, was truly disturbing. Here is the TRUTH about everything. Thank you all so much for all the well wishes and love, it’s been overwhelming and such appreciated.

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36 Responses

  1. ferah says:

    i feel kinda bad for jeffree. i couldnt imagine hating someone so much that when something horrible happens to them, you wish they had died, or think they lied about their accident.

    • MarTeena Adelita says:

      Some people are so disrespectful, ignorant and pathetic.

    • erica rubero says:

      @Jordan Finley a very mature and respectful answer 👏

    • Monica M says:

      Love you Jeffree. I just lived through a ruptured brain aneurysm and stroke from it. I’m healing. No consequences from it except headaches. I can imagine the pain you are in. I love you and support you Jeffree. 💜

    • rawr xD says:

      @Jennifer Pichardo he said the n word a DECADE AND A HALF ago and apologized several times,,,what more do u want him to do?

    • Karen macphee says:

      It blows my mind how anyone could not Love and adore sweet and lovely Jeffree 🥰🙏💗

  2. Mondragon Chiropractic says:

    Doctor gave a wonderful explanation on frontal loading of the the discs and vertebrae and the dangers thereof. He also checked your reflexes and strength of the lower extremities. I’m guessing a lumbar compression fracture. Any numbness though in the legs? Oooo! Love seeing your x-rays and so glad you are healing. 💖 Mild scoliosis is very common as well.

    • Dalya Adams says:

      We love our Miss. Dragon 💗💜💗

    • JOjo Ro says:

      Come though Dr. Mama okuuur !!

    • Stephanie Pfeiffer says:

      My favorite chiropractor! Thank you for always being so kind.

    • gwen gioconda says:

      I have a 25 degree lumbar scoliosis, it was detected when I was in 5th grade now I’m 19 and I’ve never had a brace on or needed surgery bc from 5th grade to now I only grew like 2-3 inches. I function normally tho, I don’t have excessive back pain or anything like that 😀 who else is curvy ?

    • Travis Kerner says:

      Yes cmon fellow Chiro with the top comment 😍

  3. Yousuf Lakdawala says:

    The one thing that pisses me is that how people can want them to Die or get injured badly. DONT EVER think or wish that for anyone. There is something called KARMA. Love you Jeffree hope you are ok

  4. Kaia Cox-Becker says:

    Love Jeffree, or hate him, wishing pain and death on anyone is awful. Life is such a precious thing, and knowing that it could all be taken from you is terrifying, especially when there’s so much you have planned to do

  5. TheDannyYanes says:

    Jefree literally became Regina George showing up to prom with her back brace

  6. Kara Corey Fit Life says:

    Prayers for Daniel🙏

  7. Fashion Editors says:

    Maybe the car accident was a blessing in disguise, if Daniel hadn’t been in a car accident he might not have found the mass as quickly as he did. Sending all my love and best wishes x

  8. DominicFrancisMom says:

    The accident has to happen to find out about Daniels situation. God moves in mysterious ways. God bless and spread love ❤️🙏

  9. Jessica DC says:

    As a nurse we appreciate a patient who listens and follows doctors recommendations for serious injuries!!

  10. iheartShaneandJeffree says:

    “We haven’t “topped” in years” oh Jeffree lmao 💀🤣
    5:32 I bought that hoodie 🖤

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