A lot of you have asked me about my CFL career and I haven’t told you the complete truth. In this video I update you on ALL that’s going on.

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62 Responses

  1. Deestroying says:

    I love y’all, I hope you understand ❤️

    • Mr. savage Wales says:


    • jeremie batiste says:

      Hey deestroying great content fam, but have you counted the number of American and Canadians on the team? Numbers gotta be right broski but you’ll get there

    • Adam Pristas says:

      I don’t mean to throw shade, but could your agent be the problem? If he’s selling you as a way for the school to get some social media presence, then he may be doing you a disservice. It looks like you have the talent, hell I wish my Steelers would sign you, as our kicker has shit the bed lately. Best of luck to you. Keep grinding. It will come.

    • SP1CE_Savage16YT says:

      That is fuckin bull

  2. EPB Gaming says:

    I know you’re great at football, but it was clear that they wanted you for business reasons

    • PunchQuote - formerly hhh1200 says:

      @Deanthony Rodriguez lol

    • Bdizzle Faragamah says:

      Wonder how many more times he’s goin to mention he ain’t playing football like fuck

    • Bdizzle Faragamah says:

      Its all for business reaosons now days its not even. About the game anymore..

    • Eldin Kandzetovic says:

      Same shit I just said. Using him for exposure. And all the ppl that are saying well he still got s chance thats bs. THEY BROUGT IN A RANDOM KICKER THEY CUT TO KICK WHIKE D IS ON THE TEAM LMAO. OPEN YOUR EYES

    • Edward Astill says:

      He’s good for business purposes they should play him

  3. T D-W says:

    Hey man looks like you’re still kickin across your body, remember what Marquette said bro, keep grindin trust the process remember the love you have for the game

  4. Frank Warford says:

    Mabe you should be a wr
    You got skill

  5. Plyboykj says:

    That’s messed up we all kno u good enough ??‍♂️☹️

  6. Brennan Young says:

    Bro I don’t play football I play basketball but your such and inspiration for me to keep grinding and grinding #grindin#tentoesdown

  7. The Real Potato Man says:

    Pro football player or not. Ur still the same deestroying we watched before cfl. Love u D

  8. Nathan McNally says:

    Literally watched thru all the ads just to put money in dees pockets

    • Marcus Reeves says:

      @Tylon Sobotka no

    • Ethan Johnson says:

      @Tylon Sobotka Its the opposite. He got used by the CFL team for clout and attention.

    • sam Kwagyan says:

      Tylon Sobotka lmao you sound really stupid?? he wanted to be a pro for all his life and he got the opportunity and you say it’s for clout. You clearly don’t watch his videos so you can go hate on someone else’s vids but this is not the place for you.
      Kids these days??‍♂️??‍♂️

    • DeZi_iiDezz says:

      @Tylon Sobotka Gahdamn you’re stupiddd asf lordd

    • Jay says:

      Tylon Sobotka You’re not that bright are you.

  9. Anurag B says:

    They kept you on the practice squad for the free press and media from ur channel. I think they would have cut you otherwise.

  10. austin deleon says:

    I’m happy you opened up about riding the bench. This is real.

  11. Abraham Terry says:

    I’m actually in Canada watching this about an hour and a half out of downtown Toronto lol

  12. Robbie Kiltie says:

    You could keep working… or u could hire someone to shoot the starter in the leg…?

  13. Chiilz says:

    They Only keeping u for the clout bro you gotta dip or somethin.

  14. Jaden Germany says:

    No matter what idc I’m still supporting you my guy??

  15. Jacob Parsons says:

    from the outside looking in, THEY CLOUT CHASING!!!!!!!!

  16. FlyHigh says:

    I would’ve died if he missed the field goal after he said “I got a cannon for a leg”

    • drummerboiiiii says:

      @J Z ??????

    • DeZi_iiDezz says:

      @J Z Look at the background. Mostly the same people running

    • J Z says:

      @drummerboiiiii my favorite stalker is back. How sad are you that I was right all along about your crush?! He can’t even get playing time in the CFL but you kids think he will be a NFL kicker. ??????

    • Dynamic ninja says:

      @J Z hey man he got potential and that was one cut on the kick

    • J Z says:

      @Dynamic ninja potential for what? Professionals are focused year round on their craft. This man was just on vacation in France in the middle of the season. Also, all you need you do is watch the video of him and the former Raiders kicker to see and HEAR the difference. He is NOT a professional kicker. Btw are you really impressed with a 40 yard kick in a non game situation. I can go to high schools throughout America and find a kicker who can make 50+ yarders in practice. Big damn deal.

  17. TTV Kingtorch says:

    Remeber always stay ten toes down be you, your deestroying- which means deestroying obstacles in your way that hold you back from succeeding

  18. Jack O’Brien says:

    I just went and looked at the argonauts Instagram page and all the comments are about dee not playing

  19. Tom says:

    Watching a man slowly see his dreams drift away.. this is too much.

  20. Lonnie Anderson says:

    This how many bangs dee drinks in a day


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