The Truth About The Ball Brothers’ Unknown Sibling

The Truth About The Ball Brothers’ Unknown Sibling

Meet LiDicky Ball, the unknown older brother to Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo, who turned to the rap game to get father LaVar’s attention.

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20 Responses

  1. BeautyQueen 1 says:

    It is disappointing that Lavar doesn’t support his own son because he is a rapper instead of a baller.

  2. Keegan Reel says:

    Lil dicky is a marketing genius for this one

  3. ehinton4006 says:

    Dicky hit that concrete so fucking hard man how did he live

  4. Elias says:

    2:28 vs 3:20 = Clinical differentiation between a rapper and a guy who raps.

  5. Thuganomics says:

    Who the fuck is LiAngelo?

    -LaMelo known for 92 points in a high school game.
    -Lonzo known for being a great point guard for UCLA
    -LaVar is known for being a douchebag to LiDicky

  6. Alax says:

    You guys are so gullible research little dicky he is not related to the ball family. It was a joke made by ESPN. LOL

  7. Tina Ball says:

    My son is a very kind man I don’t understand why Lavar makes a deal out of it

  8. NightSkies says:

    “There is someone out there better than Tupac, why not you” – Lavar

  9. Frank Amaihe says:

    I’m dying at how the Ball family treats Dicky like how they treat Meg on Family Guy lmao

  10. Caleb Gould says:

    Dicky is honestly pretty good though…

  11. Solarbelt5 says:

    Lamelo dropped 92, Lonzo took the world by storm, oh and that other guy is going to UCLA ?

  12. Ryan Fernandez says:

    ball family reality show don’t sound too bad hahaahah

  13. Edgar Matias says:

    So no one is going mention how hard he hit his head on the concrete lol that shit look like it hurt.

  14. Preston Smith says:

    What the fuck am I watching? Am I this high for real?

  15. Sam Bullock says:

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in sports since Brandon knights failed pass when he was on the bucks

  16. Lil Quis Swaggin says:

    That’s pitiful that Melo need his father to pick him up just to dunk?‍♂️smh especially at 6’3″

  17. Zesty Assassin says:

    LiDicky Ball ? bro oh my god. Lil Dicky is a god.

  18. Twix TM says:

    THATS NOT LAVARS SON it’s robin Lopez son

  19. Mag Shadows says:

    OSN needs to react to this

  20. Armand Kabanga says:

    Let’s have a moment of silence for those who actually thought this was real.

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