The Truth About This Upcoming Massive Storm…

The Truth About This Upcoming Massive Storm…

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In this video we are talking about the truth behind this massive storm & how the cold air & wind will be the main story, not the snow totals.

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Please refer to your local National Weather Service office to get the most reliable and up to date weather information as possible.

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33 Responses

  1. WrenchDoozer says:

    Being in Canada, you want snow on the ground before the temperature drops, as it insulates the water mains buried in the ground to minimize the number of water main breaks.

  2. Alex Moose says:

    As a pilot who looks at weather charts daily, your channel has helped a lot and is very interesting. Also I live in Michigan so I’m excited to see what comes.

    • Jeremy Ellwood says:

      Same. literally on all counts. hehe
      Except excited to see what comes. I hate winter in MI.

    • Joan Smith says:

      @Coobroobloob Omg 😳 it did I went Costco started it’s crazy was soon as the doors opened lines to end of store parking lot jammed everyone rushing around I kept hearing the snow storm the snow storm plus x mas

    • Faith Marie lake says:

      The grocery stores in lower Michigan was jam packed today!!

    • Faith Marie lake says:

      Hi! I also live in Michigan and just started watching this channel and hope this snow storm isent going to be a terribly big one

    • Coobroobloob says:

      @Joan Smith I went to the grocery store today and it seemed like the entire town was there. (Michigan)

  3. M. Alicia Patiño says:

    Thank you Ryan for the info. I am a 67 yr old elderly person living in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.💖 I live alone with other residents living in a Senior Living complex. I’ve been through so many winter storms after I moved from Texas in 1984. Sadly to say this is happening on the Christmas weekend where families get together enjoy each other. I also have a sister in Michigan so, we’re both going to be slammed with snow. I have a sister and brother in Texas where they’ll probably just get frigid cold. Just want to say to everyone I pray for GOD to watch and protect all who will travel. Please be safe.

  4. Drawingabyss says:

    A “once in a generation storm” on my first winter as a truck driver. 😭✋ Pray for me y’all.

    • Sessa says:

      As a long haul trucker of 7 years, I’m going to tell you… stop. If you don’t feel safe, shut down. Don’t try to be a “super trucker”.
      First, your life is worth more than that load.
      Second, they’d rather get the load late then have it spread across I-80

    • RealSweetKid says:

      Just be prepared. Drive slower than you think. Pack some snow pants and a heavy jacket Incase you need them

    • Cat Bee says:

      Praying for protection to cover you and your rig!
      Its our first major storm here in WI too; we moved here over the summer.
      Take care and all the best for you.

    • Tom Arnold says:

      Modern day cowboy there.

    • Cef Cat says:

      Gonna pray. Take it at a safe speed. 🙏🚛

  5. Anthony B says:

    It’s so fascinating the way weather is predicted and understood. I love how rather than typical weather channels, Ryan really breaks everything down Barney style.

  6. Ms. MJ Jones says:

    It’s not a real forecast unless it’s coming from Ryan Hall Y’all! We truly appreciate you keeping us informed!

  7. ItchingTo GO! says:

    I really like these short ‘extra’ videos and appreciate straight forward info w/o drama. You have been consistently sharing the significance of the temps and winds…I sure hope folks listen.

  8. Diane Miller says:

    Ryan, thank you for the public service to us all. And, you do it with style, humor and kindness. I always listen to find out the latest and to support you. Originally from Lexington, but live in Austin these days. Again, you are the best! Diane

  9. Not me says:

    I just realized I haven’t subscribed!! This channel is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites!! Thank you and the team for all of this dedicated work and effort. Love it

  10. Andrea Thompson says:

    Since I started watching, Ryan’s been spot on about potential storms weeks out. With this thing getting closer, I also like how Ryan shows the top of the screen on the models, so that I know which model it is and what point in the timeline it is. Other channels will say, “Oh, this is happening Thursday” but I don’t know what time. Will I still be at work and have a bad commute, or will it hit later, during the overnight hours? I understand that it’s only a model, but it’s still nice to know if I might have to start planning for a horrendous commute home. So, thank you for all you guys do at this channel and Ryan explaining everything and showing the potential times! I didn’t take any meteorology classes in college, but I’m still a nerd about many science topics. This channel is informative and educational.

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