The Truth Behind Beyonce’s Lemonade!

The Truth Behind Beyonce’s Lemonade!

It’s not just the illuminati… there’s more…

Let us know what you want us to investigate and make up random BS about next in the comment section!

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20 Responses

  1. xenvakt300995 says:

    So f****** hilarious! Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Cindy Jin says:

    Wow this vid is so smart?

  3. Fahim Frezzuan says:

    how tf

  4. Vilius Barbaravičius says:

    I’m just a one lousy comment, but nonetheless I have to give you my respect
    guys… I’ve been watching your videos since 2009 and it’s getting better
    and better. This is so awesome in so many ways! Just never stop doing this
    stuff, that’s why you’re on this earth. You make my life just a bit more
    worth living. Cheers!

  5. JoeyTense says:

    Haha wow

  6. Maria rahman says:

    Even Beyonce don’t know about this much =_=

  7. Fabio Kun says:

    this is the most intelligent and no sense video that I¨ve ever watched.Ryan
    is a genious

  8. hirE - CS:GO And more says:


  9. Puzzles says:

    Dear ryan. My cat named oreo got lost, then i saw in the intenet that a dog
    named oreo got lost too, i think there is something behind this. Maybe the
    illuminati is conspiring to get all the oreos and dissapear the all the
    cookies because they are making a new kind of cream filled chocolate
    cookie. The other oreo that got lost is near my neighorhood. Isn’t it kind
    of suspicious? Please can you hel me get behind all of this?? I miss my cat

  10. Maemae Tsang says:

    This is amazing your mind is crazy

  11. Lộc Lâm says:

    wow OMG :D

  12. tech nevs says:


  13. Aleksandra Wajnert says:

    yeah it must be it :D

  14. Tiger strike Xgg says:

    I got a nosebleed…

  15. fencingboy 101 says:

    this is fucking amazing, how do you come up with this?

  16. taemy heart says:

    Beyonce need to watch this xD

  17. Karen Chan says:

    I swear Ryan is from an alien race as no human on earth can come up with
    something so bizzard LOL

  18. Kilimandzsáró Lakatos says:


  19. Elza Yow says:


  20. ZAIDQ7 says:

    I absolutely Love Will!! :D