The Try Guys Coronavirus Channel Update

The Try Guys Coronavirus Channel Update

A quick update from us about our work from home strategy to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus. + The beginning of our Try Guys Work From Home Vlogs! Practice social distancing with us if you’re able to and find information about COVID-19 below:
WHO Resource Page:
CDC Resource Page:

Informative articles:

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68 Responses

  1. Aninja says:

    y’all Will is right tho. the US has to act asap or millions of people will die

    • H E C C says:

      Anton Engdahl but even then we don’t have the capacity to deal with such a huge influx of ppl and even if for younger it’s low risk they are still vectors.

    • cat& games says:

      Everyone has to act asap..

    • Derplisss says:

      England be over here with “Sing happy birthday while washing your hands that’ll keep it away!”

    • Lydia Moffatt says:

      Millions? Common people.

    • MrSnotMan says:

      America is acting fast. Faster than any other country.

      Schools are being closed, people are told to stay homr, vacation spots are closing, restaurants are closing, etc.

      Trump has invested 500 BILLION dollars into the treatment for the Coronavirus. Trump is also working with China on the cure for the virus. Just incase you didn’t know.

      The media isn’t talking about what he’s doing for the country. All the media is saying, is basically just “Be scared!”.

  2. Rad Cat says:

    Ned taking home a picture of his wife, who he is going to be with is so wholesome.

    • Ethan Lyn says:

      Super sweet. And maybe more on brand than Eugene taking the alcohol.

    • karen from finance says:

      dead ass I got out of a 6 year relationship with a careless, never put any effort into anything kind of a boyfriend and it reminds me to not settle for that kind of shit because there are men out there who exist who give their whole hearts to their partners and its not something worth compromising on. makes me sad that I put up with nonsense for so long and that women continue to let themselves be treated poorly when men can obviously be doing better

    • Debra Kadabra says:

      @karen from finance I so agree with you. I got out of an 8 year relationship with my ex in late August of 2014 and though it’s been hard to decompress from (I broke up with him) I haven’t regretted anything. I also had the fortune of meeting a very kind gent in late 2015 (may he RIP), which eventually led to me meeting the guy I like in late August of 2016. Current fella is the bomb, and he’s everything that my ex wanted to be but was too much of a manchild to be. There’s a sort of meme I saw that basically stated that 7 years from the breakup I’ll have skin that my ex will have never touched. I absolutely love that I found that. I hope you find inner peace and calm, especially in these tough times. We’re all in this together.

  3. Alexis Rodriguez says:

    I was like they’re all ignoring the alcohol and then Eugene showed up

  4. Norah Aslam says:

    We have quality content.

    33 seconds of talking about water going up your butt. 4 grown men, mind you

  5. Lindsay Gilliss says:

    I know someone whos going homeless because of the quartine for their parents that are elderly. So please be kind of those homeless as well. They are trying their best too and have to make tough decisions to leave their home and family.

    • Lindsay Gilliss says:

      @Clarissa Marie Thank you. The person I know says their mother has severe COPD and asthma. The father has cancer and they’re above 65 years of age. Those two criteria fit perfectly for COVID 19 to strike so the person feel its best to leave while they work in the factory in the city that is still running. It won’t be forever and the weather is getting less cold so it could be worse. Please be careful; my heart goes out to you and your sister during this difficult time.

    • Marta says:

      These stories are so sad. 😭😭
      Hope people you are worried about will be safe. I will be praying for all of you who posted here (I hope you don’t mind that). ❤❤

    • Gin Argentum says:

      avatara82 dude are you kidding meeeeee? I’d say make a PowerPoint presentation on why he shouldn’t do that (ask your son to help if you can’t) and if not make your bf stay away whatever it takes bc it is seriously very very dangerous for you!!! Please stay safe

    • TiffYG2133 says:

      Why do they have to leave, do they have the virus. You don’t need to abandon the elderly if you are not sick and stay that way then it should be okay just keep a distance. My 80 yr. old mom who has blood cancer lives with me and I have asthma and if anyone comes near us with the virus we’ll die but we are not going to live in separate houses or me become homeless, that’s just stupid and the homeless are at more of a risk to contract and spread the virus more than anyone because they can’t/won’t seek treatment! Just be cautious wash your hands and keep a distance and stay away from sick people

    • Gin Argentum says:

      TiffYG2133 if the person has to go to work then they’re risking bringing the virus home without realizing because symptoms can appear in up to 14 days, it’s not “stupid”, they’re putting their parents’ well-being before their own. Choose your words more carefully please. And I agree with you on the part that they shouldn’t go homeless and instead find some kind of an alternative, but then again we’re saying this from the commodity of our homes, we have neither the knowledge nor the right to tell them what they can and should do

  6. Whitney S says:

    I can’t deal with the fact Eugene, who has every right to be private and not introduce the world to his boyfriend via the channel, has decided to show EVERYONE this man’s ass

  7. Estelle Lauzon says:

    Who the hell knew the try guys could afford: a) so many employees b) send them on hiatus until further notice and c) to still pay them during the hiatus. Damn

  8. Layla Mad says:

    Doctors and officials : *social distancing*

    Schools in England (and other places) : *Nah, we’re good*

  9. Jaymos Wang says:

    For people who aren’t taking this seriously:

    If you were given 100 skittles and 20 of them could hospitalize u, are u still gonna try the skittles???

    • Scribbles says:

      That’s not at all a good analogy for what you’re seemingly intending. It’s 20% of the portion that contract the virus that are hospitalized. In your analogy eating each skittle would be a separate instance in which your intentionally contracted the virus.

      Not taking it seriously and intentionally contracting the virus arent the same.

    • AlphaSaint says:

      yes it’s worth it

    • Meister Jäger says:

      Yes, and Your ratios are way of

    • Meister Jäger says:

      It should be mor like 1 out of 100

    • SoulEater Evans says:

      Sorry, but that’s not how math works. I appreciate the message you’re trying to send, but it’s entirely inaccurate. Many more than 20% of the population could give you the virus; it’s transferred by people, animals, and can live on surfaces. It’s not about numbers because this virus has the ability to exist outside of bodies _and_ you can have it yet not show symptoms.

  10. Abby Littlefield says:

    Everyone: 2020 is gonna be a great year!

    Coronavirus: hold my beer

    • Sleepy Schae says:

      “2020: Hold my Corona”

      but all fun and games aside, let’s all remember to wash our hands, stay out of work if you’re sick, and just use common sense (while also using common courtesy). Be kind and courteous to our neighbors, and we can get through this together, and maybe still have the remainder of 2020 be pleasant… 🙂

    • Rares Voicila says:

      Abby Littlefield stolen 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. Cassie Winchester says:

    I think everyone started to realize how real this was once colleges started shutting down. Like my college is completely online now and we’re not sure if we’ll ever go back until next semester. So that’s fun.

  12. GodlyPlayz - Videos says:

    Ned : Lifts Baby
    Eugene : Cleans
    Zach : Plays Mario Kart
    Keith : Makes TikToks

  13. Hapless Rowah says:

    Since Zack can’t leave his house, he could totally challenge himself to become a better cook. Without a recipe season 3 could be a major redemption season lol

  14. Jenna Smith says:

    Ned: Spends time with his baby
    Zach: Plays video games with Maggie
    Keith: Exercises with Becky
    Eugene: *Cleaning porn*

  15. Brooke Brown says:

    I can’t be the only one who wants to see more of Eugene and his boyfriend.

  16. NoHaxJustBaymax says:

    Why does this feel like the last I’ll ever see the try guys? I’m not saying I expect anything to happen but the vibes are crazy. I hope everyone stays home and keeps safe! It’s the best thing you can do right now!

    • MrSnotMan says:

      I’m not sure why everyone’s so scared..?

      China and America are working together to find the cure for the virus. President Trump has also invested over 500 BILLION dollars into it aswell.

      The only people dying, are old people, and newborn babies. The current death rate is 0.2% out of everyone who was infected. That’s practically nothing.

      The only thing I’m worried about, is not having any toilet paper to wipe my ass with. Since a bunch of retards are buying it all for some reason. I don’t have any toilet paper anymore, and I can’t find any because people keep buying it all. It sucks.

    • Natalie Thomas says:

      2%. Not 0.2%. That’s 1 out of 50. That means that if 10 percent of the U.S. population gets the virus (the U.S. population being about 300,000,000) 6million will die.

  17. A. D says:

    Zach: Think about the elderly. Think about people with chronic health conditions. Think About ME

  18. Tym Pani says:

    Eugene: pulls bag out of leather jacket and grabs all the alcohol in sight

  19. Sakora says:

    We don’t deserve the try guys. They’re out here being lighthearted and still putting out content like wth

  20. HexOwl73 says:

    Hear this, people: every day in Italy at least 250 people are drying, we are in total lockdown and we don’t know when it’s gonna get better. This is serious.

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