The Try Guys Draw Their Favorite YouTubers

The Try Guys Draw Their Favorite YouTubers

TGGT is back and this time we’re playing YouTube Pictionary! How do you think we did?

***Psssst! There’s a surprise contest at the end of the video so watch closely! In order to win you’ll need to respond with the correct answer FIRST to the most recent tweet on our Twitter! Good luck!

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38 Responses

  1. Sweeperboy says:

    “Elders react to hot teenagers!”

    Me: WTF Keith?!

  2. vanessa fiscal says:

    Eugene: *sketches masterpiece of Tana and Jake*
    me: *speechless*
    also me: I’m not even surprised

  3. Olivia Elliott says:

    “it’s a person”
    “…is it…?”

    me whenever i play pictionary

  4. Olivia Elliott says:

    “wins a hug from eugene”
    “no hug from me that’s not a promise”

    big mood

  5. Lauren Lavigne says:

    Can we please just point out… Ned drew Ethan and Graysons faces… as… squares-

  6. Sonia says:

    ? “is it our favorite drag queen channel? is it Trixie and Katya?” ?

  7. lynn Thompson MacDowell says:

    They should try pole dancing ?

  8. Dumi N says:

    Zach : draws two squares
    Eugene: the Dolan twins

    I’m dead ????

  9. hiro_ cosplays says:

    I thought the LeLe pons one was Miranda sings and Colleen…

  10. Anky Anku says:

    Try Guys vs Try Wives: Scavenger hunt or Karaoke or Escape room

  11. Lilo says:

    I can hear Eugene say “Try Guys Gay Time” every time ?

  12. Batrisyia A.R says:

    zach was a holosexual in the acrylic nails vid and he guessed simplynaillogical!!!!

  13. Shirley Raad says:

    Can you please make the whisper challenge in a telephone game like Markiplier.

  14. Kpop Leggo says:

    This just proves once again that everybody loves Jenna Marbles ❤️

  15. Blue Animul says:

    Everyone overlooking the fact that Eugene lost bc they caught up admiring his drawing skills ?

  16. peach boba says:

    Ever since Eugene came out you can tell that he is WAY more confident and I am living for it

  17. Kurokodairua says:

    As a German its so funny to see Americans struggle with words like Kurzgesagt

    • cece tuli says:

      I literally searched for this comment because I died when kieth said it and it sound like Donald duck???

    • Marie Stoffel says:

      I only opened the comments to see if somebody already commented this and if not, to comment it myself. I had to go back to actually understand the word XD

  18. crystal speed says:

    who else wants a simply nailogical and try guys collab?

  19. Matte Boat says:

    “Letting my dogs invest in the stock market for two weeks: Jenna Marbles”

  20. Amolpreet Kaur says:

    Thanks Ned for mentioning Safiya, no YouTube complication is complete without @safiyanyagaard

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