The Try Guys Imitate Each Other

The Try Guys Imitate Each Other

To celebrate 1 year of Try Guys videos, the guys make fun of each other… in front of a live audience.

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Paper Doll
Headache Black And White
Slip The Skin
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20 Responses

  1. renee vinolo says:

    Can the try guys try bunjee jumping

  2. wyntersoleil says:

    How is Zach still single? Date me!

  3. Jenny Huynh says:

    They clearly know each other TOO well lmao

  4. stephanie rico says:

    Just noticed that the anniversary of try guys is on my birthday

  5. thomas1998tube says:

    Haha best video

  6. Pink Rock says:

    Zach is so cute im

  7. Fawaz Albugami says:

    It’s kinda a turn off to see the Asian girl wearing short jeans

  8. Lynn Marie says:

    These should come out every weeek!!! They’re my favorite ?

  9. Amy Dante says:

    they should do this roast style xD

  10. Nguyen Fionna says:

    Best. Buzzfeed. Video. Ever

  11. riohendri says:

    do try not to cry challenge

  12. Oana Leontina Hobae says:

    Zach is single?!But why…?The man is cute as a muffin.

  13. Leash 3 says:

    @ 1:04 if someone came up to me in a bar and mentioned jeff goldblum then I
    know he would be the one. Serious obsession with him, he’s even my twitter
    timeline picture lol

  14. Ubong Libat says:

    In schools, we’ll be like imitating our teachers?

  15. HoneyAlamo says:

    I love them lol

  16. Katherine Vennard says:

    I love you guys!

  17. Kate Hannah says:

    I want Zach to talk to me about Jeff Goldblum

  18. suddeth mccreert says:

    Keith in a suit omg

  19. sakshi sharma says:

    u ppl are the BEST! <3

  20. Steph Mariee says:

    Anyone else find Kieth kind of attractive?
    Like, at first I didn’t. Still kind of don’t.
    But the more I watch videos of him Im like “there’s something strangely
    sexy about that guy”