The Try Guys is Changing

The Try Guys is Changing

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The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Zach, and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.

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By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto

Rachel Ann Cole – Executive Producer & Chief Creative Officer
Nick Rufca – Executive Producer & Chief Operations Officer
Devin Wangler – Finance Manager
Erica Lynn Schmueck – Director of Production
Desiree Hurlbut – Production Coordinator
Jack McGill – Production Assistant
Siena Brolin – Production Intern
Cailyn Hoertz – Social Media Department Coordinator
Aiko Igasaki – Short Form Editor & Graphic Design Associate
Rainie Toll – Podcast Editor
Jonathan Kirk – Podcast Engineer/Editor
Devlin McCluskey – Senior Editor
YB Chang – Senior Editor
Elliot Dickerhoof – Editor
Mishelle Martin – Editor
Skyler Klingenberg – Editor
Will Witwer – Assistant Post Production Supervisor
Moira Joy Smith – Assistant Editor

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45 Responses

  1. @irisandmoon6461 says:

    Zach should not be allowed around broken glass, please supervise him Rachel

  2. @ellaronci2703 says:

    so much respect for Keith and Becky not sharing their babies name or face and not making it their entire personality *ahem*. that is the way to raise a child as a public figure. congrats to you both!

    • @chrissiesnap says:

      They have shared his name, to ensure their friends and family don’t have to stress about accidently letting it out. 😅

    • @bebobebo42069 says:

      they shared his name but i feel it isn’t really that invasive, i think sharing a name is fine but face is definitely a no 😭 thank goodness they are keeping that private, we all know how it was the last time someone was crazy about his family

    • @thespankmyfrank says:

      I’m a casual Try Guys viewer and I literally had no idea they even had a baby 😂 and honestly, that’s the way to do it. That baby is a unique individual who deserves to be more than just a prop in an influencer’s content. 👌

    • @dolce.luna08 says:

      Because keith has sooo many talents to make his relationship his entire personality unlike some people 😅

    • @greenflower360 says:

      @@thespankmyfrankI suspected that he had a baby during that breastfeeding episode

  3. @joslynparrinder9146 says:

    I appreciate the amount of love and respect they give to Eugene. The fact that he’s off making his dreams come true and they don’t make him pick try guys over that is amazing. He’s still apart of the team and receives so much love from the guys and that makes me so happy ❤

    • @pineapple9092 says:

      Is Eugene quiting the try guys? I’m so confused

    • @taniah8312 says:

      @@pineapple9092i don’t believe so, i think he’s just focused on other things for his own career. like they said, he’s following some other dreams, which means he’ll be away from the Try Guys for awhile.

    • @zardolotina says:

      He’s not. But I guess we won’t be seeing him with Keith and Zach for a quite a while. Like what they said on the video, Eugene’s pursuing his dream right now. 🙂

    • @tinof23beans says:

      They mentioned something about him writing and that’s why he hasn’t been in many videos recently, which honestly sounds super exciting! I wonder what he’s writing and if that’s what he’s continuing to work on.

    • @pineapple9092 says:

      @@taniah8312 oh thanks its just that I saw so many of the comment talking about Eugene, I thought he had left

  4. @user-cq4bj4ns9m says:

    Props to Keith and Becky for keeping their baby very private. Shows they’re already great parents who care about protecting their kids over profiting from them.

  5. @JennRighter says:

    I consider Kwesi an official Try Guy. He fits so well, he’s so perfect. So funny and sweet.

  6. @slkshewolf says:

    Parasocial relationships be damned it really was like having two friends having a sitdown chat with you. You all always feel authentic. I love how the circle has grown with Johnny, Kwesi, Marissa, Jared…Happiest Holidays to you all, the entire Try Fam (I love that I recognized so many names)….and to all the TryFanFam. Here’s to 2024!

  7. @Survivordayafterpodcast says:

    The mystery event is 100% a 24 hour livestream of Eugene sitting on Keith’s lap.

  8. @mlpb says:

    4 vs 1 was one of my favorite series, and I’m glad they’re continuing it

  9. @tempestSH says:

    even though the situation that caused it was awful, i think the changes that came to try guys because of it were incredible. the variance of content, the variance of on-camera personalities, it’s all such a breath of fresh air. there’s so many different styles of people that are regulars on try guys now, there really is something for everyone.

    • @thatgirl9532 says:

      Squidward imo really held them back, he wasn’t funny, he acted quite dirty and uncomfortable but he also kept using his wife for his content which only made himlook like a huge fool…

      I’m so glad they got rid of that waste and brought on their friends who are way more entertaining I can’t get enough of Jonny, Joyce, Kwesi and Jared and others 😂

  10. @anto4380delaguaridaa says:

    Okay, I gotta say. You guys blow my mind. I first arrived here because of ~the event~ but I stayed here because I liked your personality, and because I was genuinely surprised with your high quality content no matter how fun or “dumb” they are. In the past year I’ve been learning more and more about how you manage the company, how you create more content, etc and wow, I respect it so much. And this video just confirmed it even more for me.

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