The Try Guys Make Boba Without A Recipe

The Try Guys Make Boba Without A Recipe

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The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Zach, and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.


Rosanna Pansino

Philip Wang

Jimmy Wong

Skyler Klingenberg
Devlin McCluskey

Voice Over by
Ted Evans

Illustrations by
Colleen Tighe

Sound Mix by
Cabel Adkins

Licensed from AudioNetwork

Licensed from Audioblocks

Licensed from Videoblocks

Official Try Guys Photos
By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto

Rachel Ann Cole – Director
Jonathan Kirk – 1st Assistant Director
Dawn Shim – Director of Photography
Chris LaPointe – Camera Operator
Ben Hecht – Camera Operator
Austin Page – Camera Operator
Ethan Sullivan – 1st Assistant Camera
Kallie Jung – 2nd Assistant Camera
Marshall Victory – Gaffer
David Beede – Sound Mixer
Ethan Molomut – Boom Operator
Susannah Honey – Production Designer
Alessia Madau – Art Director
Krista Lu – Art Director
Jesse Ross – Set Dresser
Niki Ford – Food Stylist
Laurie Smith – Food Styling Assistant
Jonny Carlson – Production Assistant
Arlo Bowlin – Production Assistant
Armando Garcia – Production Assistant

Rachel Ann Cole – Executive Producer & Chief Creative Officer
Nick Rufca – Executive Producer & Chief Operations Officer
Devin Wangler – Finance Manager
Jonathan Kirk – Physical Production Coordinator
Desiree Hurlbut – Production Coordinator
Jack McGill – Production Assistant
Nick Morell – Social Media Manager
Aiko Igasaki – Short Form Editor & Graphic Design Associate
Miles Bonsignore – Podcast Producer
Rainie Toll – Podcast Editor
Devlin McCluskey – Senior Editor
YB Chang – Senior Editor
Elliot Dickerhoof – Editor
Mishelle Martin – Editor
Skyler Klingenberg – Editor
Will Witwer – Assistant Post Production Supervisor
Moira Joy Smith – Assistant Editor

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35 Responses

  1. SillySid4Ever says:

    Keith being totally confused by non neutonian fluid is the best thing that ever happened this season. I was cackling

    • Aimee Ogunseye says:

      we made this all the time in kindergarden and primary school. i think the only reason they stopped at my school was bc we started making it at home and it made a mess and the parents complained when they found out where we learned it from lmao

    • Cocomo says:

      i keep replaying that scene and laughing.

    • Hoyoun Lee says:

      it was like the pie crust moment from the pie episode but better

    • Vivien M says:

      It is funny, because when he said “how could I move on?” he meant how could he make the recipe further. But because this weird panic attack and identity crisis I totally believed he meant it like how could he move on with his life the same way after witnessing this miracle?

    • wizardjokes says:


  2. F R says:

    Eugenes satirical ‘good eugene’ personality is genius.

  3. PurpleMask131 says:

    Calling Keith “the married one” is especially humorous for reasons we all know about

  4. Onion Juul says:

    Eugene is the embodiment of “if you can’t beat them, join them” this season

  5. honeymuffins says:

    I’m dead with zach’s “unintentionally loves bad ideas” and keith’s “the married one” i love this so much

  6. SongBirdie92 says:

    The fact that Rosanna is still here to keep judging this shows just how much she loves the Tri Guys because she’s experienced all the crazy shenanigans!

    • Amaya AKane says:

      She is such a good friend

    • brittanee willett says:

      @Rosanna Pansino thank you for such a wonderful response ❤️ I adore how much you and the guys get along 😭❤️ wouldn’t be a WAR without you Rosanna ❤️

    • Shana Lawson says:

      @Rosanna Pansino Oh wow! I don’t know anything about that “world” I just assume contracts are everywhere and anywhere lol. So happy you have an awesome time! We have an awesome time watching you and the guys!

    • Rosanna Pansino says:

      @Shana Lawson There is no contract and I don’t get paid. I do it because I love the Try Guys and honestly it’s one of the most fun sets I’ve ever been on. That’s why I’m so excited for the live finale, so you can truly see ALL of the chaos 😂

  7. Halloween All Year Round says:

    I love that Good Eugene is just him passive aggressively calling out US foreign policy, g3n0c1des and 1nv4s10ns. With a gleeful smile and he reminds everyone how good and wholesome he is.

    Edit: I’m loving this season. There is so much chaos and creativity. And the guys have developed some cooking and baking skills!! I’m in awe of the editing team. They seem above human. Excellent work! Congratulations on the sweep Zach!!!

    • Cassidy The Cat says:

      I also like how he unintentionally tapped into his Texan roots by talking about oil rigs, because me, also a Texan, I see a lot of oil rigs where I live

    • Jacob Jenkins says:

      @S J mf would be hearing “G THREE N ZERO C ONE DES AND ONE NV FOUR S TEN NS”

    • sammi says:

      @S Jig they’re being overly cautious but my comments have gotten shadow banned for certain words that aren’t even bad

    • S J says:

      Homie, respectfully, this isn’t Tiktok, you can say genocide and invasions. And from a disability standpoint, could you imagine a blind person using a screen reader trying to get through that?

    • yeet - says:

      why did you censor ‘genocides and invasions’ ?

  8. Starry Skies says:

    Eugene: “I absolutely have to win this one”
    Also Eugene: runs with perhaps the most complicated idea anyone has done on the show lmao

  9. Clara Berg says:

    Eugene: the one thing I know is to boil it’
    Keith: and now so do I. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I honestly think that their content has gotten loads better lately. This episode had me DYING of laughter. This was great hahah

  10. Belle says:

    I really enjoy just having Keith, Zach, and Eugene. They are the perfect trio and I hope they are doing well after all the unpleasantness that happened earlier this year. They deserve the world ❤

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