The Try Guys Make Croissants Without A Recipe

The Try Guys Make Croissants Without A Recipe

Without A Recipe 2023 is in full swing, our biggest and best season yet! This week we’re making Croissants. Which final dish would you want to try?

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45 Responses

  1. Ashley B says:

    Pairing workstations with Keith and Jared was definitely a damage control plan by Rachel 😂

    • Taila Anandasagar says:

      hahahahaha i thought the EXACT same thing! After what happened last time!

    • MLFortes426 says:

      in Jared’s defense. He was actually doing WAYY better than Keith this time! 👀 I’m so proud of how well he was doing! lol

    • Noelle V says:

      Jared totally followed Keith’s lead for the most part. Just like he did with kwesi. I wish he just went off of pure instinct even if he has none!

    • Jacquelyn Chin says:

      He learned to use a measuring cup for the flour and not just handfuls! 😅

    • black_box says:

      I’m pretty sure they just change partners every episode and he was already with Zack and Kwesi but I like your head canon better

  2. Rosanna Pansino says:

    This season is getting more and more unhinged… and I’m here for it… LITERALLY. Love filming this show so much 🥰. Can I survive the entire season??

  3. Rosanna Pansino says:

    Cant express enough how much I love how the French Bulldog is this weeks cute animal. This might possibly be my favorite Without a Recipe of all time… 🐶🐶

    • Shramana Das Dutta says:

      Why do yall hate Zach?

    • LmaLuuker9 says:

      It was actually the worst part of the video. Why people continue to advocate for the breeding of a dog that can’t breathe, naturally reproduce, or naturally give birth is beyond me. Stop buying French bulldogs.

    • Khaith Salt says:

      You are basically the Mother/Teacher of Without a Recipe 😂 thank you for staying Rosanna 💕

    • Little Adventures says:

      ​@LmaLuuker9 Thank you! I was hoping someone comment on that, they actually like to be intubated since its the first time in their life they can breathe

    • Mav eL says:

      ​@LmaLuuker9purebred =/= wellbred.
      Follow the studies instead of ARA bullshit.

  4. Hylianamused says:

    The “DO NOT USE BAKING POWDER” followed by all four of them using baking powder is peak Without a Recipe

    • Danny Knight says:

      And yet one person forgot the yeast and added it in

    • pvic says:

      ive finally figured how out they do that lol. the MUST do the real chef’s making-the-thing segment last. and the producers as the pro about things the Guys did

    • Monsieur Sernif says:

      Funnily enough, since Keith restarted his dough in the last 10 minutes, he might’ve saved his croissants since he likely skipped out of baking soda from rushing lmao.

    • JAMINA VLOGS says:

      All the intros to WAR has been “I can’t imagine doing ____ without a recipe…” And here we are lol

  5. Monika says:

    For a father’s day special, can we please do a without a recipe where they all have to make some sort of cinnamon raisin food product then have Keith’s dad do a blind judging so we can get an official “Daddy’s Favorite”

  6. commatoes says:

    The fact that Kwesi’s wife won an award for her croissants and she is still married to him after this episode shows she is a woman of patience and has a sense of humour.

    • pvic says:

      beinga master croissant baker already showed us she has patience lol

    • commatoes says:

      @pvic I tried making croissants once as an experiment. Once.
      They were barely edible and embarrassing. They looked like a 3 year old’s crayon drawing of a croissant.

    • KAMILA REEDER says:

      Im a professional ballroom dancer/teacher, when I got married my husband and I practiced for months to be ready for the wedding dance .
      On the big day, he literally forgot everything but a box step 😂❤🕺
      Some people don’t do well on exams I guess

    • commatoes says:

      @KAMILA REEDER I think a wedding day rates as higher stress than most exams. I’d say the only exams close are ones like the GRE, MCAT, and LSAT (or maybe SAT or UK A Levels).
      I’d consider “still forming full sentences” as a win.

  7. niz says:

    How Kwesi made producer worry that his wife is a pro croissant baker, then immediately eliminated their worry by forgetting everything she taught him🤣

    • gabiluch87 says:

      I feel like Kwesi didn’t really listened to his wife if she explained anything about how to bake croissants haha

    • Jess J says:

      I’d be slightly offended if I was the wife. He really paid SUCH little attention to my interests he knows nothing?

    • Choshako says:

      @Jess J It’s possible that the stress of being in a without-a-recipe video just wiped his brain. I certainly struggle to remember steps when I’m stressed and on the clock, a lot of people do actually, like when you’re taking a math test in high school. You can study and prepare for something very thoroughly, but when adrenaline hits you, it’s like you’re hit by that memory deleter from Men In Black.

    • Choshako says:

      @gabiluch87 Stress and adrenaline CAN make you forget everything you’ve learned. It’s why studying for math tests never worked for me, I’d get comfortable with the material but once the test started and I was on the clock, it’s like I hadn’t studied at all. I think that’s what happened with Kwesi here.

    • FacheChanteDeux says:

      Rofl!! Croissant is not that hard to make. You just have to be patient when making any intricate French food or pastry. I prefer to make quiche::)).

  8. xgoldenlocks says:

    The fact that Jared has no baking experience whatsoever and STILL manages to do pretty well is absolutely impressive. He’s such a delightful part of the show!

  9. Nichole M says:

    Jared makes me laugh so hard 😆😆😆 After telling Keith he didn’t think “folding it like a book” was correct, Jared proceeds to tell us that he folded his own dough “like a bible”. Which last I checked…was also a book 🤣🤣

  10. Your Future Widow says:

    Jared was so close to accidentally making flawless croissants before the proofing situation 😢

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