The Try Guys React to Their Most Popular Videos

The Try Guys React to Their Most Popular Videos

The Try Guys React to Their Most Popular Videos

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47 Responses

  1. Alexandra Rodriguez says:

    Eugene excessively cursing is my aesthetic

  2. Samia Mc Donald says:

    The greatest foursome ever created

  3. Bea Rodriguez says:

    the try guys are the actual loves of my life

  4. The Nightingale says:

    Wow I’m actually here before this blows up!

  5. Henry Peters says:

    I really want to go meet them?❤??-1 like=you goung to see them

  6. Elisabeth Morris says:

    Before anyone says anything

    Zach is cute too. Eugene isn’t the only cute try guy, we need to show Zach some love.

  7. sad yeehaw says:

    How are the try guys still monetized is the real question

    • Sunni_ WithTheGoodHair says:

      Because youtube saw Eugene and were like “We can’t do this! This man’s too hot…”

    • Joey Down says:

      Meagan Brammer they went from having a large budget to funding everything themselves. I miss their old content like ‘Dirty Tour’, but I realize these are growing pains for them being a new company.

    • sunni bae says:

      Try guys need to try things again..

    • Madison Sido says:

      They probably arent lol. Im sure they make most of their money off of merch.

  8. Erin Denardo says:

    New video idea- try guys pick each other’s haircuts…

  9. pixie_ girl22 says:


  10. Emma Shipley says:

    I love your vids but one like equals 1 more min of sleep for Ned

  11. tHaT rAnDoM fAn says:

    Alternate Title:
    The Try Guys Try: *Nostalgia*

  12. Nafisa Hussain says:

    Yes! For every like I will add either a ?,?,?, or since I don’t have an emoji for a giraffe for Keith ?


  13. hi itsme says:

    in my theatre club me and my group talk about how hot Eugene is.

  14. suziehomemaker says:

    Can’t wait to see them run in to old Buzzfeed employees at Vidcon.

    • Elizabeth Gamer says:

      suziehomemaker if I remember correctly, they didn’t completely cut ties with buzzfeed. Actually last year at vidcon I believe they were there with some former coworkers

    • Haaniya Akhter says:

      Elizabeth Gamer it was only Quinta in their performance and her and Eugene are really good friends actually. So i think he probably convinced her. They have no relation with Buzzfeed now, except for the friends they made there

  15. Emily Knutsson says:


  16. Rachelle Cham says:

    Try guys train like astronauts

  17. Apple says:

    Ok they want to go to space y’all *somebody send this to NASA*

  18. Yall it's Gay says:

    Zack saying “you guys wanted us here you asked for this” is me whenever my friends want to hang out with me

  19. Molly Rial says:

    Maybe not space just yet… but what about space camp? Just sayin’ 🙂

  20. Majo Pereda says:

    The Try Guys Try not killing each other bc of a pie for 5 minutes

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