The Try Guys Reveal Their Favorite YouTubers

The Try Guys Reveal Their Favorite YouTubers

It’s another edition of Try Guys Game Time! On this installment the guys share some of their favorite YouTubers and the many reasons they love them. #TGGT

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MatPat |
LaurDIY |
DudePerfect |
Elle Mills |
Bon AppΓ©tit |
Christine Sydelko |
JacksFilms |
ProZD |
Thomas Sanders |
AntsCanada |
Hannah Hart |
Primitive Technology |

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58 Responses

  1. Robert Myers says:

    Yay my theory Boi was in there
    And watch markiplier and jacksepticeye or just markiplier cause who doesn’t love mark

  2. Adum says:

    Jacksepticeye! Gabbie Hanna! Shane Dawson! Draw with Jazza! Game Grumps! Glam&Gore! FootofaFerret!

  3. Totally an Otaku says:

    Draw with Jazza is the only way to go

  4. Bbaby Bluee says:

    SHANE! Watch Shane Dawson! He is the BEST

  5. Kim Philson says:

    Danny Gonzalez is a great youtuber I highly suggest wtaching him. He’s very sarcastic and funny.

  6. Stefania Barnabei says:

    Shane dawson is my absolute favorite YouTube of alllllllll time!!!!!! He’s halarious and he’s editeds are like you’re watching a movie. And also he likes to be mysterious and serious most of the time. You guys should definitely go watch him right now because he is doing a documentary about the mind of Jake Paul . And it’s soooooo gooooddddd (*good*) any way I hope you listen and watch Shane Dawson. Like if agree

  7. Megan Schnipke says:

    When you guys mentioned Thomas sanders I got real excited

  8. EmAndBenProductions says:

    I totally agree with Keith on his first favorite youtuber. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GAME THEORY!

  9. Kaylee Marie says:

    KickThePJ is one of the most creative youtubers ever, I love his content!

  10. Mikasa Ackerman says:

    Watch game grumps! I think Keith would like them

  11. Joel Park says:

    Omg Zach doing the outro was fucking hilarious with that accent too xD

  12. siskaoei says:

    The first time they actually said “try guys game time” in sync!!

  13. justine zimmerman says:

    OOOOOMG you guys Have to watch Markiplier. He is so very humble and he is the sweetest ever! he does gaming videos and hes also done a lot of cool improv! He also has raised $1,118,645.14 in charity and it continues to grow in his amazing live streams. Mark gives great advice about life and what to make of it and he encourages others to make the world a better place.

  14. Isabel Frias says:

    The Try guys evaluate, “reasons for divorce”, they are a perfect focus group, the happily married guy, the just married guy, the super single guy (who whants to get married) and the single guy (who doesn’t whant to get married).

  15. Simon James says:

    My favorite YouTubers besides The Try Guys are David Dobrik, Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles, Rhett & Link, MatPat & Stephanie, Garrett Watts, Safiya Nygaard, Zane Hijazi, Josh Peck, and Liza Koshy.

  16. Ailsa Herondale says:

    Jenna Marbles and Safiya Nygaard – humble legends πŸ‘‘πŸ‘πŸ»

  17. Zahra Bennett says:


  18. Olivia Wetzel says:

    If they like food youtubers then definitely watch JunsKitchen. HE HAS CATS!!

  19. food says:

    prozd is just amazing and unique

  20. Canyon balao says:

    nigahiga one of them original gangsta’s

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