The Try Guys Siblings Lie Detector Test

The Try Guys Siblings Lie Detector Test

Which Try Guy is lying to their sibling? Find out all their juicy family secrets in today’s special episode of the LIE GUYS take a lie detector test!

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Polygraph Expert – John

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60 Responses

  1. Dude Wazzup says:

    I feel like John has really evolved since the first lie detector series, like he’s talking more, and throwing even more shade and it makes me happy for some reason

  2. Megzw24 says:

    all the bleeping makes me REALLY want to know what the nickname was lol. Thats one family that doesn’t take shit from anyone lol

  3. Angela F. says:

    Its confirmed: Eugene’s whole family belongs in slytherin

  4. Cindy G says:

    “Are you proud of me? Isn’t that disgusting?”
    “Pretty icky.”
    Eugene and his sister are literally my sister and I.

  5. Rachel Sato says:

    Ned sister looks a lot like him. Eugene’s sister seems like they haves a interesting relationship Zac’s sister seems goofy. And Keith’s brother looks like my 29 year old brother

  6. Chelsea Miranda says:

    I love how their siblings are just telling embarrassing stories about them.

  7. Chloe Howes says:

    Everyone watching: ooo we’re going to hear some funny personal questions again
    Eugene: I can talk to birds and dead animals.
    He’s never living this down.

  8. Chipper ChelseaKay says:

    Literally cried when Zach got chocked up saying he was elated that none of his siblings had to suffer with his chronic illnesses 💕😭

  9. clarity says:

    you’ve heard “i’ll kill you right now”
    you’ve heard “i will stab your eyes out”
    now get ready for “he talks to dead cats, most people talk to live ones.”

  10. Alexei Fiore says:

    Eugene made a fatal mistake in choosing his *younger* sister to ask him questions.

    His *older* sister would’ve likely been the one to torment *him.* But by choosing a younger sibling, *he* was likely the person to be tormenting. And the younger sibling would likely have a lot more resentment and negative feelings towards him than an older one would, even if the older one is the “meaner” one.

  11. allison northrop says:

    I really loved this personal content. I want to see more of the deeper side to all of you! Maybe a ‘Try Guys: Story Time’ where you each tell a story from your past that taught you a life lesson. You could release one each week for a month?? I just really appreciate learning how you all came to be who you are today. Anyway, thanks for a great video as always 🙂

    • allison northrop says:

      I’m not talkin some shallow water BS either. I want to hear something REAL from the lot of you. There are always hints at past mistakes, but I’m asking for stories. You should be proud of your past, without it you wouldn’t be who you are today. Every experience is just a step along the way. Every single one of you turned out to be amazing, smart, strong, funny, and incredible role models for the youth. I’m just so curious how you *really* became to be You.

    • brewcha says:

      @allison northrop i agree, but i also think if they don’t wanna go so deep into their best on a public platform, it’s also entirely their right. again, it really would be nice, but i also understand that showing that “deeper” side of themselves to a very wide audience on a publicly-accessible platform, on which they have carved an identity for themselves, is not going to be as smooth and easy as we’d like to think it’d be. there may be some things they’d prefer not to ever talk about unless it’s their closest friends/relatives, and that’s understandable. they are people too with their own caveats and preferences regarding their personal lives.

  12. Annnishere says:

    Ned’s sister: here to mention very specific incidents that younger Ned did
    Eugene and his sister: asian family stuff
    Zach and his sister: softies

  13. Kourtnie Mae says:

    John trying not to laugh at the nickname’s Eugene gave his sister is 10/10

  14. frog or toad? says:

    Try guys sisters:
    “Would u take care of our parents?”
    “Do u want wes to have a little sister?”
    “Do u think u will get married before me?”
    Keith’s brother:
    “barney is not for kids. It’s for toddlers”

  15. Nadine Langan says:

    The asian that came out of eugene when he said “ew” when his sister asked “are you proud of me?” I felt thatHAHAHHA idk wat it is but verbal affection is sooo like weird idk any other asians relate?? lolllll

  16. Sarah Smith says:

    Eugene’s Sister: Do you know who believed in you the most?”
    Me: She’s gonna say herself
    Eugene’s Sister: *mom’s psychic*

  17. Lauryn Fleming says:

    Eugene’s mom’s psychic believing in him more than his own family had me in hysterics

  18. Joanna Zhang says:

    I’m glad that John’s smiling and joking around more with the Try Guys

  19. Lita Min says:

    John’s face when they are talking about Eugene’s ability to talk to animals 😂😂😂

  20. ragnarocking says:

    shit _got real_ between Eugene and his sister. I was almost scared for him.

    • AlmightyStan says:

      ragnarocking yeah much I I love Eugene and proud of his growth. This did not make him look good yikes.

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