The Try Guys Test Old Age Body Simulators

The Try Guys Test Old Age Body Simulators

In the first of a series, the Try Guys will walk a mile in old people’s proverbial orthopedic shoes to see what it’s like to be elderly and learn about the physical changes that await them.

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Joe Coughlin, Director, MIT AgeLab

Luke Yoquinto, Research Associate, MIT AgeLab

Devlin McCluskey

The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.

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Official Try Guys Photos
By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto

2nd Try, LLC STAFF
Executive Producer – Keith Habersberger
Executive Producer – Ned Fulmer
Executive Producer – Zach Kornfeld
Executive Producer – Eugene Lee Yang
Producer – Rachel Ann Cole
Producer – Nick Rufca
Production Manager – Alexandria Herring
Editor – Devlin McCluskey
Editor – YB Chang
Editor – Elliot Dickerhoof
Assistant Editor – Will Witwer
Social Media Manager – Allison Bagg
Camera Operator – Miles Bonsignore
Sound Operator – Kasiemobi Udo-okoye
Production Assistant: Sam Johnson

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48 Responses

  1. TheLordOfMystic says:

    Can we have a depression simulator?


    No idea, write down your ideas for the name 😀

  2. PokeGirlGamer 10 says:

    Keith: I can barely do the hokey pokey


  3. Omayma ELHAOU says:

    Love Granny Kornfeld ❤️❤️ may she have a long and happy life ? #KornNanny

  4. Omayma ELHAOU says:

    Yeah my favorite movie of Reese Witherspoon is “legally BLIND” ???

  5. Deysha Felisha says:

    5:56 Keith: my knees are heavy…

    Also Keith: knees weak mom’s spaghetti..

    • Forever A.L says:

      Its knees weak arms are heaving vomit on my sweater already moms spaghetti he nervous but on the surface he looks common ready to drop bombs buddy keeps on forgetting what he wrote down the whole crowd go so loud he is choking now everybody’s joking now

      I’m 12 why do I know this lol

    • A A says:

      It’s not that funny

  6. Julliene Erin Noblezada says:

    Keith: Eugene, this is what hug feels like.

    Eugene: rEaLLy?!

  7. Salty_blue _ocean says:

    Kieth: “You’re such a sadist”

    Eugene: “I know”

    *evil grin*

  8. MasterSim247 says:

    I hope those of you who still have their grandparents will see this and realise how precious the time you spend with them really is.

    • Lucy Towey says:

      Yeah, my grandpa was a sick twisted cruel sadistic sharp poisonous megalomaniac brat/ 98 yo man. But I miss him.

      We used to have nice long nerdy conversations. And he introduced me to weird foods like snails and a diverse range of bizarre sea food. He was a gluton and his stomach could take anything, it was impressive. He sort of trained for decades eating far too much fats, home brewed liquors, and hyper hot chillis. He had an almost savant memory and could predict economy, politics and human behaviour as if he had been gifted by the devil.

      It really hitted me when I realized those conversations are all over forever a little after he died. I was still in shock during the funeral since he died so quickly. And bcs he was fine, active and healthy a couple of months before he went ill, but tears came down heavily a month afer he died.

      My grandparents raised me, most of my cousins weren’t that close and didn’t actually know how they were like, so I guess that’s why it hurts despite of my grandpa’s abuse towards my grandma, and towards other people and I. I miss my grandma the most though, she died 14 years ago from his abuse.

      Other than her racism, she was almost angelic and one of the smartest and most empathetic people I’ve met. She was certainly smarter than him, but too sweet for this cruel place. Sadly my mum and her siblings but one inherited his personality disorder and are worse than he was. I’m still angry at him, but sad about him too.

    • Magdalie Mexile says:

      Lucy Towey oh wow

  9. Aeyel Am Acuzar says:

    When Ned asks if bottle flipping is still cool when they’re 96…
    That part really made me scream for joy, like, “imma’be 96 but still flippin’ good!!!”

  10. B3CKY says:

    Zach: Haha jokes on you my muscles already suck.

    Me: Same Zach Same.

  11. Maria Cheira says:

    I love how your series have been about raising awareness about something but in a fun way. 🙂

  12. Izzy McKenna says:

    I already have arthritis I’ve been living an old age simulator since 14…

  13. Nicole Lynn says:

    Eugene actually liking the suit is hilarious.
    that man is going to be a Daddy forever.

  14. jasmeen thind says:

    “Eugene this is what a hug feels like”

  15. Dana Bongard says:

    …and this is why you offer elders your seat in public transport (:

  16. Tatiana Pilarte says:

    Engineer: “Next comes the harness..”
    Eugene: “OoOO, I’ve heard that before.”
    Eugene: 🙂
    Camera: :/
    Eugene: :))

    adgjakald I love him so much

  17. VVM Vids says:

    Eugene: why do you look so miserable?
    Keith: cause I am miserable.My knees are heavy, knees weak, mom’s spaghetti

    Me: HAHAHAHHAHA ????

  18. healingv1sion says:

    Before my mom passed, her iconic quote was “it’s hell getting old” love you momma and your sense of humor ?

  19. Lp. says:

    *Eugene:* Oh this is actually really nice!


    *Keith:* Eugene this is what a hug feels like!

    *Eugene:* Really?!

    *Laughter from behind*


  20. Victoria Wilder says:

    Ned: “I applied, I didn’t get in to MIT..”
    Professor: “Neither did i”
    What a boss

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