The Try Guys Transform Into Beauty YouTubers

The Try Guys Transform Into Beauty YouTubers

Hi sisters! Today we’re trying out four insanely complicated makeup looks from some of the top beauty YouTubers for our beauty month series! How’d we do? You can get our brand new leggings and fitted t-shirt on right now! SHOP:

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Skyler Klingenberg

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Official Try Guys Photos
By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto

2nd Try, LLC STAFF
Executive Producer – Keith Habersberger
Executive Producer – Ned Fulmer
Executive Producer – Zach Kornfeld
Executive Producer – Eugene Lee Yang
Producer – Rachel Ann Cole
Producer – Nick Rufca
Production Manager – Alexandria Herring
Editor – Devlin McCluskey
Editor – YB Chang
Editor – Elliot Dickerhoof
Assistant Editor – Will Witwer
Camera Operator – Jonathan Kirk
Sound Coordinator – Sam Johnson
Content Strategist – Kaylin Burke

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Thanks to all of our Gold Level Patrons! AJ S., Amy Fleming, Ana Camba, Cat Hicks, Elisa Proust, Emma Godfrey, Erica Rao, Jared Aarons, Kelsey Bock, Kourtney Wong, Loretta Wen, Matthew Tadros, Miha, Paulus, Sarah Waxman, Traci Lew, Wendy Tran, Lily

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33 Responses

  1. Shiny Evergreen says:

    “You look like Jonathan Van Ness”

  2. YounS GameZ says:

    The actual title of this video: Keith shading Tati for 25 mintures gay.. I mean stragiht!!!

  3. Alex DeLeon says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but Ned didn’t do that bad. Eugene did the best.

  4. YounS GameZ says:

    Keith looks like the CHILD of Tati and the Mona Lisa

  5. Caroline Spivack says:

    Keith “Eugene is gonna say we didn’t even try.”
    Zach: “But we can say “Eugene, you didn’t even try to be funny.””
    Eugene: “I look like a Vegas show girl on a smoke break.”
    Me: *cackles*

  6. 1ro says:

    “I look like a Vegas showgirl on a smoke break”

  7. larraitz ventoso says:

    “People like to see people succeed and we fail a lot hehhe” – Eugene! AWESOME LINE!

  8. Kayla Novak says:

    Keith: Jeffree Star is a vampire right? is that cannon?

    The Lore of Jeffree Star

  9. unknown author says:

    Keith: The one benifit I have here today is I have the best lips of the try guys
    Zach: I can confirm that
    Me: WaiT wHaT?!?!

  10. brokenwingedsoul says:

    Eugene is that friend that has life together and everyone else is like a adult toddler

  11. Sedona Sunset says:

    *”I look like a Vegas showgirl on a smoke break”*

    *M* o *o* D

  12. Michelle Lema says:

    Blind Keith: “Can you bring it closer to my face?”
    Zach: **slaps paper on his face**


  13. Absolutely No One In Specific says:

    Why is no one talking about the “OMG scary” story

  14. kayla Patricia says:

    “I can’t wait to try jeffrees lipstick I heard it’s untouchable”
    “We don’t have any”
    “It’s that untouchable” 😂😂😂😂

  15. Samantha Kennedy says:

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Zach: SIsTerS

  16. Aragorn Telcontar says:

    Eugene being so protective of Claire from the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen is a WHOLE mood.

  17. TheMadKingTyson says:

    keith: so jeffree star, he is a vampire, right?

    me: no, he’s Voldemort get your lore right

  18. Gii Spice says:

    I love how Eugene is playing it all cool like, “How shitty we’re going to do..” I’m like bitttcccch you know you’re gonna SLAY!!!

  19. synysterjazmyngates says:

    Ned and Eugene’s little improvised scene. “I’m still in the damn can-can room!” I dieeeed

  20. Sonia's Way says:

    “Do I look like everyone’s Asian niece named like Jessica?” – Eugene

    (I also create positive videos)

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