The Try Guys Try Coding With Girls Who Code

The Try Guys Try Coding With Girls Who Code

“We’re doin’ lines… of code.”

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Super Power Up
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Girls Who Code –

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20 Responses

  1. PinkFloydrulez says:

    the first thing i did when i learned the print function was make the
    computer say “i want quesadilla”

  2. luuvnich says:


  3. Luna Sofie Niclasen krog says:

    I Saw 2 White girls?

  4. Leah Thompson-Brennan says:

    @girlwithzeldahat ur cute af

  5. Patricia Cernat says:

    the sexual tension between Ned and Eugene

  6. FoolishStrawberry says:

    Well we’ve found something Eugene is bad at.

  7. Kate Davies says:

    Still have absolutely no idea what coding is ?

  8. AndieDandie says:

    I remember my physics teacher had us do this. I love computers and
    everything about them but she was just the worst teacher and ruined coding
    for me…

  9. _cube. is.love_ says:

    Possibly every video that Ned has been in he has to say something about his
    wife xD

  10. Snake says:


  11. scarletfluerr says:

    Finally, something Eugene sucked at!

  12. deathlyman says:

    i need a husband like Ned.

  13. IdiotProdigy says:

    I’m a girl studying computer science as my major. I’ve always been
    discouraged because there’s only about 4 of us girls in our class of 150.
    This video really mattered to me. Thank you Buzzfeed.

  14. merry christmas mr lawrence says:

    I’m a girl who codes!!! Now when do I get to see Eugene?

  15. Ethan T says:

    nice! I program in python

  16. Braden Kemmerer says:

    Eugene how do you not know what a variable is? You’re asian.

  17. max vloger says:

    next drifting

  18. Chaz 4820 says:

    They are not real programmers, they are using MacBooks…

  19. Angela Witz says:

    Finally, proof that Eugene isn’t perfect

  20. Andres Nava says:

    girl with white hair and the blink 182 tee, hmu