The Try Guys Work From Home For 168 Hours

The Try Guys Work From Home For 168 Hours

We’ve been working from home all week and this is how it’s going so far! What have you been doing to stay busy during your stay at home? #StayHome #WithMe #StayHomeSaveLives

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53 Responses

  1. The Try Guys says:

    What have you been doing to stay busy during your stay at home?

    • Dorina Balázs says:

      Hiya guys !
      I’m a highschool student currently surviving the 2nd week of staying at home. If you told me 3 weeks ago that my school is going to close down, it would have been surreal for me. But now, I have to face reality. I never realized how much I can miss people. My classmates, my friends, my grandparents. But I’m trying to see the bright side.

      For example; I finally have time for my beloved hobbies !
      I finally don’t have to feel the pressure school is putting on me.
      I can continue my studies at my own pace.
      I can chat till midnight with my buddy on the other side of the world.

      I unfortunately cannot take my dog for a walk, but I can still spend all day with him.
      I actually started learning italian ! I might just start something new if I got the time.

      It is refreshing seeing you guys well and helthy. I’m glad you can spend time with the ones you love and cherish.
      If you have any nice ideas I could do or try out I’m all ears !

      I wish the best to all of you, keep safe, take care !

    • Paola Nava says:

      Just watching the try guys

    • Caitlyn Boylan says:

      Playing music and recording songs for choir

    • Kate says:

      Watching You Guys

    • shania catrese says:

      Watching tv and eating

  2. Audrey Lorraine says:

    maggie and zach: *cute couple things*
    cut to engine and his dogs: “I hereby deem you all the best doggos”

  3. Yaya Grunwald says:

    Is no one going to talk about how Ned carbon copied himself into the cutest baby ever?

  4. Olivia Trinh says:

    “I feel like the other guys are doing something really sweet and impactful.”
    *switches to keith hiding a lemon”

  5. Amelia Rose says:

    Pesto’s just like “I don’t know why dads on the floor but ima wait here I guess”

  6. Maggie Holtorf says:

    Wes’ little “oh yeah” was the cutest freaking thing.

  7. Liisa S says:

    Next up: “nailed it!” Try guys should try DIYs, hacks, or recipes but only using things they have at home because they can’t leave the house. (So like if they don’t have glue they have to try using flour and water or something). They should all have the same challenges, and then have miles judge them via video!!!

  8. Chase Lu says:

    Eugene: *Rates dogs*
    Kimbop: *Humps Pesto*
    Emma: *Starts being Emma*

  9. Allison Carr says:

    The blanket challenge for Pesto: “I have accepted my fate. This is my life now.”

  10. Chase Lu says:

    Eugene: *Encourages Pesto*
    Pesto: I am now one with the blanket Eugene. I don’t know when I will get out. Until then, tell Emma I love her.

  11. Sami Collins says:

    Who else died laughing when pesto gave up trying to get out of the blanket 😂😂😂

  12. Harlee Luke says:

    Eugene: *plays with his dogs*
    Zach: *plans picnic for his anniversary*
    Ned: *makes a fort and plays with his son*
    Keith: *hides a lemon*

  13. Jenesagrace Samson says:

    *Eugene plays dead*

    *Emma sees Eugene on the floor*

    Emma: SH*T NOT AGAIN.

  14. AV C says:

    I’m a drone in a government office that’s considered an “essential service.” Thank you, folks who are voluntarily staying in, on behalf of those of us who can’t. Your cabin fever makes our workdays that much safer. (Also a bit surreal. Commuting through a ghost town is an odd experience – most days I’m literally the only person on the bus.) And major props to those on the front lines, working public-facing jobs.

  15. Ava Beeby says:

    Ned and Ariel:cute family stuff
    Zach and Maggie:romantic and productive
    Eugene:playing with his dogs
    Keith and Becky:FIND THE LEMON

  16. TheCookieGirl 1606 says:

    Keith, Ned and Zach: *dressed appropriately*
    Eugene: *underwear and robe*

  17. Chloeee says:

    Ned and Ariel: Working out and playing with Wes
    Zach and Maggie: Romantic date
    Keith and Maggie: find the lemon
    Eugene: Judging his dogs

  18. marvel fan says:

    I just realizes that Eugene’s dogs are wearing the other Try guys’ colors.

    • Karen Laurie says:

      I hadn’t noticed that but that is so sweet. He loves his dogs so much and it’s lovely to see how quickly Kimbop has settled in and adores Eugene already.

  19. Katy H says:

    Eugene playing with his dogs and drinking white wine is literally my mum. His transformation to a white mum is complete

  20. Maxwell Rayside says:

    Keith: hanging out with his wife
    Ned: hanging out with his wife
    Zach: hanging out with his girlfriend

    Eugene: *boyfriend creeps around in the background*

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