The Tumblr Controversy Iceberg

The Tumblr Controversy Iceberg

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It’s a well-known fact that Tumblr is a bit of a hellsite- from scams, to failed convention escapades, to fandom blunders and general cringe (affectionate). Today let’s go through all of the drama, the trials and tribulations, the epic highs and lows of Tumblr in a convenient iceberg list format.

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❤︎❤︎ DISCLAIMER ❤︎❤︎
All credit goes to the musicians and composers! This video is not meant to target or harass any person. This video does not condone or encourage anyone to harass or contact any person or persons discussed in this video. This video is purely for entertainment and informational purposes.

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38 Responses

  1. illymation says:

    god i love and hate tumblr culture. occasionally ill find myself reciting what i thought was a widely-known meme / internet history event, only to realize ive just outed myself as a fairy-lights-bedroom-dwelling tumblr-infused fossil of a person. finally i can direct my peers to a good lesson! another banger video from izzzyzzz!

  2. Selkie Prilla says:

    Kinda surprised you didn’t mention the mass exodus after porn was banned on the site. I remember so many people, especially artists, being really upset. Also the way that tumblr would autoflag images that weren’t even nsfw. My bunny’s blog had some pics and videos flagged which like, it was just my rabbit lol

    • nobody says:

      Did they go back on that no porn thing? Or do people just post it anyway and they can’t keep up with deleting the content? Because there’s a shit ton of it on there still haha

    • moorflower says:

      ​@nobody no, they didn’t go back on it — closest was that they they added “mature content flags” or something a little while back, which I think are supposed to act as a way to opt in to seeing some more mature content if you’re an adult. They don’t seem to do much, at least not for me as someone who is an adult. Posting nsfw stuff can still get people’s posts or blogs shadowbanned in the tags, but because the site is held together by dental floss and staff seems more concerned with making merch than moderating their site or dealing with the pornbot scourge, people find a way. like how the proana communities izzy mentioned are still VERY active despite being against ToS and just morally reprehensible, people can navigate the restrictions easily when the moderators aren’t paying much attention to new tags and censored words.

    • Haylei Nope says:

      And somehow the porn bots combined with the N@zi bots like immediately after.

  3. fhdjkghsjdfhg says:

    you’re SO right about the darker sides of the aesthetics. my 2013 posts about me being a drug addicted anorexic 17 year old in an abusive relationship with an older guy got thousands and thousands of notes and reposted to “aesthetic” blogs and i regret them so much

    • zeppelin zeppelini says:

      oh my gosh i just realised reading through this the third time that you were legit a drug addicted anorexic 17 year old in an abusive relationship with an older man and not like.. a 13 year old playing a character based on the aesthetic they saw online
      i hope youre doing better and healing well 🙂

    • J. says:

      women gaslight other women into horrible behaviour then blame men for their stupid choices

    • hades 🦷 says:

      ​@J. what are you even on

    • skwud ley says:

      @zeppelin zeppelinioh my god same. idk why 2013 translated to 13 for me. ig cause i was 13/14 lol

    • mr where's my hug at says:

      ​@J. you should keep yourself safe… NOW!

  4. Tanalia says:

    I mean, being a lesbian is kind of the ultimate “just girly things”

  5. Zirconia Gacha says:

    I find the fact that “hey peebrain,- you teleport?” ends up forcing you to do some self care to complete it honestly beautiful

  6. ephrem says:

    Man, no words could ever capture the excitment and fervor on tumblr durring the whole “putin resigns/us election day 3/supernatural series finale”. It was truely magical, and i say that as someone who has really only ever been a spectator on the site and hasnt seen supernatural. You had to be there, the energy was unmatched.

    • Bridget says:

      I remember it being sarah Z’s short video post about the destiel canon that I actually checked tumblr and Twitter trending. I got so hyped I texted my friend, who got into the series years ago, in the middle of the night to tell her. It was so much fun!

    • whatever works, mate. says:

      Remember remember the 5th of November.

    • m.k says:

      The Dabi reveal in My Hero Academia happened on the same night too 😭 I remember being out that night and checking tumblr on a complete whim while in line for the bathroom, it was batshit insane

    • MaxLikesDinos says:

      my friends and i still celebrate every November 5th…such a cursed day

    • mitkitty says:

      I was trying to sleep before a night shift but i was so transfixed i couldn’t. It was like being high without any drugs involved, i was losing my shit

  7. Annier says:

    As someone that never left the platform, this feels exactly like when my mom tells anyone all the embarrassing stuff I did as a kid

  8. GutterBrainz says:

    As an avid Villainous fan since the early days of the web series, and an ex black hat simp, I can confirm that the tumblr sexymanification of Black Hat is the soul reason why Villainous took off the way it did. It finally got an English release on Max and it’s so great to see it reach American audiences after all these years 🥺 I hope more people get to see it

  9. floofysparkledemon666 says:

    one time i told my friend i liked their shoelaces, and they replied with the “thanks, I stole them from the president” response, and I just got really confused. I didn’t use tumblr, they were just cool show laces (they were rainbow :))

  10. ry says:

    tumblr was literally my childhood. i remember wearing cat whiskers to school and forcing my friends to participate 😭

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