The Twilight Zone – Official Trailer | CBS All Access

The Twilight Zone – Official Trailer | CBS All Access

Witness the re-imagining of the most iconic series of all time. Hosted by Academy Award® winner Jordan Peele, The Twilight Zone premieres April 1, exclusively on CBS All Access.

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80 Responses

  1. Campbellzilla says:

    So are you guys going to be doing new stories or are you just going to refurbish the one’s from the original series?

  2. SoCal Drifter says:

    Not of sight and sound but of mind. This looks…really good.

  3. Joe Stallings says:

    This series gets redone every 20 years. I hope this one is better than the last 2.

  4. Zen Hydra says:

    There are a lot of great actors in that trailer, and a surprising number of them are known for their comedic performances.

  5. Ro Hoe says:

    I’m so excited I’m gonna press my face against a plane window

  6. Hayden The Movie Nerd Judd says:

    Tracy Morgan in The Twilight Zone. Cool!

  7. Kiefer I says:

    That doll floating in the water is the creature that Shatner sees on the wing of the plane!

  8. Isaac Wells says:

    I’m so happy to see Steven Yeun.

  9. Steven C says:

    The cast is a great mix of comedic actors that I’ve seen do serious roles and dramatic TV actors. The Twilight Zone is not Black Mirror. The concept is the same but Black Mirror has different themes. This re-imagining can not go immediately for doomed technology themes or else it will be compared with the Netflix counterpart.

    • The Honest Take says:

      agreed. They must go with the abnormal and strange that can’t be unexplained happening instead of failing technology like in Black Mirror. Can’t wait to make review videos on these episodes once April hits!

    • M. R. May says:

      Twilight Zone was heavily about social issues. While Black Mirror is heavily based on technology. But Twilight Zone came first anyway. Black Mirror is taking from that. Jordan Peele said hes recreating from the original in the 60s. So what does it matter if ppl compare anyway.

    • Jeremy Alexander says:

      +M. R. May Exactly, I love how the series that started this style and perfected it is now being told it can’t be like some Netflix show. The Twilight Zone can do whatever it wants and if the Black Mirror doesn’t like it, the Black Mirror can get it’s f’ing shinebox.

    • Ashley Garcia says:

      +Sam Kind loser

    • TehPiemaygor says:

      The paranormal is far more interesting than stories about technology anyway.

  10. Jason Marchant says:

    Attention Black Mirror: Daddy’s back 🙂

  11. Miaira Jennings says:

    Yes to all of this!!! I can not wait ?

  12. Delfin Dereck Mark Gamboa says:

    At 0:21 its the monster from Nightmare at 20,000 Feet! And at 0:51 its the machine from the episode Nick of Time! That’s just some Easter eggs I found.

  13. Ashley Garcia says:

    Glad to see a lot of original references from the original show. It’s sad most people dont even recognize it. But the true fans like myself of the original show was able to point it out and enjoy it. Amazing trailer.

    • Marren B. Cole says:

      Ashley Garcia I can’t remember that one by name, but I’ll make sure to watch that one first when I start my binge. I remember being terrified when an old person was in an apartment and death was trying to get in to “talk” to them. Scared me for days!! ?

    • Marren B. Cole says:

      Melissa S Yes! I remember being so annoyed with the family that I was glad when “that” happened. (Trying to keep it spoiler free.) ?

    • Ashley Garcia says:

      +Marren B. Cole I forget the name of that episode!! I’m really excited for this show. ??

    • Ashley Garcia says:

      Everyone let’s just enjoy the trailer!!! What are your thoughts????

    • Ashley Garcia says:

      +Melissa S those are good episodes!!!

  14. Nocturnal Emissions says:


  15. Michael DiAcri says:

    I think Jordan Peele was definitely the right man for the reboot. Twilight Zone was a big part of my childhood I hope all the best comes from this!!!

  16. Mighty Mitch says:

    And its hosted by Jordan Peele definitely gonna watch

  17. Dev1359 says:

    Looking forward to watching Ben Wyatt lose his shit on an airplane.

  18. iPhonedo says:

    – And who are you my little friend? Not a spoon, not a fork, but something in between. A “FPOON”.

  19. cosmosblue772 says:

    This looks great but I hope they dont do just dark and scary episodes. Some episodes of the original could be sad but poignant. It wasnt just about scaring people but really using the concept of fantasy is very ibteresting ways…

    • Delfin Dereck Mark Gamboa says:

      I think from this trailer one of the episodes will be in a world where a kid (Jacob Tremblay) is president or something in that high position. So it looks like it’ll not just be horror, but we’re all hoping! ?

    • Cesar Fuentes says:

      Yes! I totally agree!

  20. JaxBlade says:

    OH HELL YEA!! AS A KID I Loved Old Twilight Zone episodes and the Twilight Zone movie so this looks like its gonna be a great updated take & i hope it can match something like Black Mirror in quality 😀

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