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Caveman a menace fr

Thumbnail inspired by Mrbeast, tried to make it lego lol

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Composer: Dude Perfect
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29 Responses

  1. SacredBricks says:

    I put so much work into this video but it’s my favorite piece of content ever! Please watch till the end, you’ll thank me later 😉

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  2. TD BRICKS says:

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate how much dedication that hot dog man put into defending his people? Bro literally was out of catapults but still backed his boys and carried the team to the W.

    The funny storytelling, stop motions, editing and effects all made this feel like a movie. Def your best vid yet.

  3. Sick Brix says:

    It’s almost like this video is a visual representation of what went on in all our minds when we made lego battles as kids. Seriously well done video, really impressive.

  4. The B3 says:

    Yeah I can see how this took 500 hours 😂
    Seriously one of the most creative, entertaining, and plain old fun -LEGO- videos out there. I love the wacky premise, and you just took the idea to its highest potential possible, with solid characters, action, SO many little touches, and an engaging storyline with constant twists and turns… wow.
    I’m definitely taking some notes 🙂

  5. MicahNike says:

    Incorporating stop motion into this video was the most genious thing I’ve witnessed this month!
    Now I can see how you put 500+ hours into this video! Incredible job Sacred!

  6. HWLego says:

    He never disappoints

  7. some1 who sucks at brawl stars says:

    500 HOURS?!!
    WOW MAN you have some dedication!! I really enjoyed the story like with all the plot twists it was really fun and how you brought Darth Vader in it too XD
    I would love a part 2 but understandable if you don’t make one as this took a long time.
    Well done dude!!

  8. A & A Studios says:

    This is the one thing we all imagined as kids, but were never actually able to do!

  9. Koala says:

    Sacred, I don’t think you know how much we appreciate your work just to entertain us, thank you ❤

  10. Brad's Brick Post says:

    Best original screenplay 2023. What a roller coaster of emotion, the character growth, the action, the romance. Superb!

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